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27 April 2011


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A Trifle Rushed

These look really yummy! I love the idea of plump pretzels. Jude x


Chubby pretzels get my vote too - much more personality than the skinny kind!


I love plump pretzels! Especially with such glorious crusts on them. And salt.

Darn you, now I'm craving soft pretzels. :) I shall have to bake this weekend!


Mutantly chubby is exactly how I feel after Easter...!


I'm so glad you enjoyed the recipe! These chubby pretzels looks adorable... and fluffy and delicious.


Those look delicious!


from my own experience, I think a 'package' of yeast is usually 7g, or a heaped teaspoon-ish.
(randomly found your site on a local blogroll while hunting bun-throwing info for tomorrow and stayed to read, well, the whole thing, really)


Who could resist a plump pretzel?! I could eat one right now with its glossy, salty topping. I don't think I could stop at one though.......


Well done! They look great! An envelope of yeast in most countries tends to be about 8g or...a Tablespoon.


Oh they look sooo delicious. I've been meaning to give pretzel-making a go for ages, and I think your own drool-inducing picture is just the push I need!

K x

The Coffee Lady

I am not the woman to argue with chubby. They look great.


My kids love soft pretzels..I've never made any and have always wanted to give it go. Are they pretty easy?

Magic Bean

All I can say is....YUM! Ax

nina - tabiboo

Gor blimey - they look really yummy!

Nina x

Alice C

You are going to hate me for this but as the only dog owner who has dared to comment I must confess that I am not feeling the pretzel love.


I was going to write yum! But then I read Alice's comment. She says, curled up with her dog...


I don't think it matters whether they're skinny or chubby - pretzels are just fab!


They look delicious and are making me very hungry. Not a good thing. I'm on a diet. Again. :o( Lucy xx


That hungry-making picture inspired me to leave the jam tarts and make pretzels instead for our street party this morning.. Never done them before (cue lots of struggling with getting the shape even remotely pretzel-like), and I boiled them in just water (had run out of baking powder), but they were great. So thank you, for that!


well they look totally delicious.

I must try making them very soon. For once I think the fusspots I gave birth too might like them too.

(soo..... did you cry today?)


They look so PERFECT!!


Oh they look yum - I must try them soon. A yeast package is 7g which is about a teaspoon and a half!

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