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21 April 2011


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Life's too short not to swim in the sea in the winter!


leslie wexler

Life's too short to fold fitted sheets.


Life is too short to miss out paddling this weekend - even it is the north sea and a north easterly wind!


Life's too short to sit on the fence x it's too crowded on there x


Life is too short to hold grudges/dwell on the bad stuff...


Life's too short not to jump in.


Life's too short to look backwards


Life's too short to not follow your dreams.


Life's too short not to grab the best of every moment.

Heather @ Littletinbird

Life's too short to comment on every blog post that I read every day and while I know that you hate it when people come out of the woodwork just to comment on blog posts I feel that I have commented at least four times on your blog in errrr, the last year, and that crockery is beautiful and you haven't bought it yourself to give as a giveaway prize and so I really don't feel guilty commenting in the hope of winning!

Life is too short to feel guilty ;-)

and you're right, it's a glorious April and I'm so thankful for it. I only hope the weather hasn't peaked too soon and we have rain all summer, but you know what ... I've the next eleven days off of work, I'm seeing my mum and sister in one week's time and I haven't seem them since January and September respectively ... yes I'm pretty glad that this April is sunny and warm and wonderful.



Life's too short not to play with your children


Life's too short to not buy all the fabric you can grab :)


Life's too short to miss an opportunity like this one! Lovely post of boys, bunting, bovines and breakfast cereal!!!


life's too short to worry about things that won't change!


I think we all think it is summer in the UK at the moment - I can't remember a nicer spring.

Ah Dorset cereals, how I love thee. Count me in.

Life is too short... for the Mayfly

Now I know this isn't an inspiring quote (forgive me, it's very late!), but did you know that these bugs live for as little as 30 minutes and as long as a day, and their purpose is to reproduce.
I guess their philosophy (without even knowing they have one) is that life is too short not to enjoy yourself.
And on that note, I think I'd better go to bed!


Life is too short to eat low fat cheese

jen painted fish studio

life is too short to wait for life to start!

i am so happy that april has been so wonderful for you! i'm still waiting for spring to arrive. oh shit, i shouldn't be waiting, right?! :)

Shari C.

Life's too short to spend time worrying about wrinkles...I say - the more smile lines, the better!!


life's too short to fret about "what ifs"


life's too short to iron pants!


Life's too short for so many things, how can I decide......

Life's too short to save sex for the weekend!

The List Writer

Life's too short not to say Yes! when he asks you...or in my case "are you serious?! Ooooh yes!".

Mim Owen

Life is too short to try to be anyone other than perfectly imperfect me.


Life's too short to continuously use ABSOLUTELY when YES would do !


Life's too short not to put plans aside and enjoy the sun when it shines...when the cat wants to play...when little people ask to visit...when your tummy grumbles at the start of a diet...when your favourite film is on tv (even though you already have it on DVD)...when you see the perfect dress when you're trying to budget...when you have a lot of blog updates to catch up on! x


Life's too short for ironing.


Life's too short...to ever try all the recipes in all my cookery books!

And the cereal and crockery both look fabby. I'm not sure I could bear to give them away!

K x


Life's too short for regrets. Live every day as if it were your last, enjoying each and every moment
Chris x


Life's too short to argue about burnt toast - we at last bought a new toaster!


Life's too short to have to recrochet an Easter bunny because you used the wrong wool first time and produced a downright scary monster.

LOVE your bunting. I am planning to make a mini wedding cake for next Friday. Any excuse to get out the marzipan.


Life's too short... to not share your soul mate with your family incase they disapprove as you are both girls. Fingers crossed that out love will be infectious and easter Sunday will be one to remember!


I am not life's-too-short-ing because I am guessing that this promotion applies only to UK residents! But I wanted to comment to say that your lads are looking astonishingly grown up all of a sudden. And if spring is what summer usually feels like o'er there, I am relocating PRONTO. Because a Missouri July is something no one should have to experience.

(Happy Easter!)


It is glorious outside isn't it, we deserve it after that winter though!

So, a topical entry for me... lifes too short to keep cats inside... its my kittens first day out today on their own and they're LOVING it!


Life's too short to ... not go out to play when asked.

I take great delight and joy that my son still asks me to play football with him in the garden.


Life's too short...not to tell your love ones you love them every single day.

Alice C

Life is too short. Period.

(Don't worry about putting me in the draw - I have far too much china already!)


Life's too short and at 5'0" so am I!!!


Life's too short to dust skirting boards!


Life's too short - not to try!

Hello Ali - hope you're well


Life's too short to not use the good china.


Life's too short to fit in all the lazy Sunday mornings I would like.


Life is just too short...to keep things for best. Whether that be cereal, crockery, clothes - and all of the things that linger in my cupboards. Better to get them out and let them feel loved, used and useful.

Simply H

Life's too short to have regrets, live life to the full and love those that treat you right

Hi Ali, it has been a beautiful April and the best Easter holidays ever for us too! Thank you mother nature for the glorious weather, long may it last! Helen x


i've been absent from here for way too long. Absent from too many blogs.

Happy Easter Ali.

UK lass in US

I do love your patriotic bunting - I think it's about time that I made some more British stuff for around the house...

Life's too short to be shipping cereal across the Atlantic, but I'm catching up on my blog reading and wanted to say hello and Happy Easter


Life's too short not to spend a whole day in the garden listening to the birds and knitting with endless cups of tea!


Life's too short to not smile!
Would love to try the Dorset Cereal toffee and pecans, looks lovely


Life's too short not to make the most of every moment - pleased to see you've been doing just that!

Kate Shepherd

Life's too short not to follow your heart


I'm sitting in Nanna's garage next to the paint pots and the internets dropped out just as I posted my comment. If it reappears ignore this one:

Life's too short not to go pond dipping in the garden in our pyjamas. We did, and we found a newt!

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