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27 March 2011


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Oh, you lucky duck! I love Silverpebble's things and the idea of getting to have a go yourself sounds fab. Love the 'very bad word' pebble.... Claire


Feeling very envious of your lovely day out. I know what fun and laughter you would have had!


Wasn't it fun? I fear I may have another crafty bee in my bonnet!


I felt very lucky to be part of it all too. I wonder what the other Petersham customers thought of us - and whether Kristina's neighbours could here us messing about?!

It is a very, very dangerous hobby. You have been warned.


Hear, HEAR, not here. Good grief. I'll never pass my daughter's spelling test at this rate.


What pretty things you've made!


That sounds like so much fun and you've made some beautiful things!

Katherine of Kitten's Lost Her Mittens

Lucky you! That sounds like a great way to pass the day. And you made such beautiful things!


You lucky lady! What a fun Saturday. I love your makes.

By the way, I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award. See my blog for info x


It was a serious treat to teach everyone yesterday. You all picked up the techniques so quickly! Thankyou so much for photographing your treasures, especially that lovely brooch - I was so busy I didn't get a chance. What a day it was. Thankyou!


Oh and your photographs show just how nimble your fingers were - just look at those perfect tiny spirals!


Sounds like a very good reason to get up early to me, and looks like you all had a lot of fun!


I love what yo made and it sounds like a great day - hooting with laughter = awesome !


What a wonderful treat to have such fabulous company and to play with Emma's treasures!


I can hear the hoots of laughter now! What a fantastic-sounding time. And yes, you are a natural (no surprise there)!


it was good, super thank you.

Just what I needed... I feel replenished and energised again.

Good people, bloggers.


Oh, you lucky, lucky ducks! I've always wanted to take one of Emma's classes. And now ... knowing that there are beads with bad words? The icing on the cake!!!


Oh it was such a wonderful day! Thank you so much for making the long drive. And your pieces are simply gorgeous. I definitely see a pair of tiny pliers making their way into your craft box soon!

K x

French Knots

What a wonderful way to spend a day, the brooch is amazing! I'd love to spend a day learning how to make pretties like that.


I'm not surprised you're a natural at this--you have such a fantastic eye! Glad you had a wonderful day with your friends--is anything better?


Alice C

I am so happy for you all that you had a lovely day that I have almost forgotten to be jealous.

Oh...who am I kidding?


What a great day and such gorgeous items - feel very envious but also think I may give the beading idea a little go, too...

The Coffee Lady

I feel like I'm 17 again, and everyone else is out at the cool party.


I love what you have made here, particularly the curly whirly pin with the translucent turquoise beads. Then Lunch at Petersham! Lucky you!


I LOVE your wire pin, very nice indeed. Sounds like a great day!

suzie sews at Dotty Red

How lucky indeed and what beautiful things came out of your day.




What a fabulous sounding day! I'm green with envy!! Lucy xx


That Bad Word Bead is the absolute cat's pyjamas.


Sounds like a really wonderful day ... like you, I admire Emma's work enormously. I love the things you made. :)

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