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04 March 2011


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Eeeeeew, what a way to wake up. Still, could have been worse - I thought you were going to say it had made them throw up all over the floor ...


Not quite so bizarre as daughter's cat who raided the box of lavender washing tablets and had to be rushed to the vets, but quite horrible to step on I'm sure.

jen painted fish studio

lol! my kitty likes to lick my dogs... lolly is much funnier!


Imagine being the dentist who had to try to put fillings into those teeth!


that is digusting!!

I actually imagined worse than a lolly (I'm with Val here...) so I guess you were 'lucky'.


The Coffee Lady

This is why I have no pets. Communicating with small mammals with language skills is hard enough.


Yuk yuk yuk. Nothing worse than sticky stuff on bare feet but I do love the thought of the clever cats keeping schtum.


HA. What did we do before we had the internet for research purposes??

(Absent from Blogland lately, but I loved the tale of your cooking adventure. And still marveling that there is a person out there with the name "Hollywood.")

nina - tabiboo

Who knew indeed. Better then a squashed slug though.

Have a fabulous weekend,

Nina x

French Knots

eeewww! Yucky but less yucky than other things a cat could have left to trap the unslippered.


That's so funny! I can't stop giggling! x


That IS kind of odd isn't it, cats aren't able to taste sweet so maybe it was the day-glo effect they were after (late night raves in your bathroom perhaps?). I put a birthday cake out on our deck to cool once, secure in the knowledge that our section is fenced and no dog could get to it, only to have it half-eaten by some freakish neighborhood cat. Our puss would never bother with anything like that so it never occurred to me that other cats would. Live and learn! At least it wasn't the usual cat-induced cold and sticky stuff I seem to step in first thing in the morning!


Hehe!!! Surely when one of them begins bouncing off the walls you will have found your culprit.I suspect they might also enjoy red cordial.....

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