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21 March 2011


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That is very exciting! I've been looking for some papercraft ideas for children. I always loved the things you made for the bookshop.

Are any of the craftings you suggested on the cover? I love the look of those crocs! x



I can't believe you managed to keep silence for so long!!

And anything you have to keep my lot still for more than five minutes will be hugely welcome, bring it on!!


So exciting Ali! You must be thrilled.


How exciting Ali! Congratulations! My 8 yo in particular is a huge paper/oragami lover, so we'll look forward to your tutorials!

Petit Filoux

Oh wow that's pretty cool! Getting published, impressive!

The Coffee Lady

Crikey! I'm excited! I'm excited!


How exciting for you! Many congrats on being a published person.
Lisa x


Brilliant Ali - will go over to Amazon now and reserve my copy. Hope we get to see more of you in print in the future!


That looks like a fantastic book! Well done on being part of it.


So...you're FAMOUS?!?

May I have your autograph, please?



Oh it looks amazing! Will you sign my copy?!

K x



I need this book. I really do. Not for my girls - kids papercraft is about my level.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday - I'm gatecrashing :-)


What excitement! looking forward to seeing what you came up with.


oohhh can't wait to see the tutorials, the book looks fantastic!


Well done, Ali, how exciting!


Oh Ali, I am incredibly, jumping up and down thrilled for you. How wonderful to see your work in print and it looks like such a lovely book.


Ooh Ooh! That's stupendous news and the book looks like one of those to pore over for gleeful hours with a big cuppa.


Ooh how exciting! But it's not JUST for kids, right?!

French Knots

How exciting, I'm putting it on my wish list right away! It looks fab!
My older son made an origami shrimp yesterday (!) so it will certainly be popular with him.

Katherine of Kitten's Lost Her Mittens

Congratulations! I can't wait to see the book and your projects in it!

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