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22 March 2011


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nina - tabiboo

Aahhhhh - a genius idea.

Have a lovely day,

Nina x


My children will love this idea Ali, brilliant.

Petit Filoux

Love this idea!! Why is that I ABSOLUTELY need a laminating machine now? Ahhh...!


I shall remember this idea for school.

Mark sounds like such an organised boy. Unlike most males I've ever met! x


Doesn't the Queen have stumpy little legs? Much like the corgi in fact.

Great idea Ali.

UK lass in US

My kids have just reached the stage where they feel the need to write down insults about each other. Perhaps it would seem nicer coming from a Corgi...

The List Writer

Oh, I LOVE this idea! Off to cut up the weekend papers and new Cath K catalogue right now - brilliant!


Brilliant idea - I could do with one for eash son's door, but would they use it? and where have I put the laminator?


I would like one of these to hang on my study door. It could read: Please make your own dinner. (Mommy is blogging.)

Magic Bean

Love it. Thank you. Ax


Brilliant! I see myself getting carried away and making hundreds.


great idea. I shall pass it on to my friend H, who was given a laminating machine from her husband for her 40th!!!!

(don't go there... it was scary for a while...)

French Knots

Genius! You have the best ideas!


We bought a laminator a few weeks ago - must put it to good use!


Bookmarking this for an Easter holiday project with Amy - brilliant idea!


I need to make some of those for my desk at work. The postits are getting out of hand (seriously, it won't be long until my desk is just one giant piece of yellow)

Katherine of Kitten's Lost Her Mittens

What a clever idea! Thanks for sharing.


This is why I love working in an office - misuse of the departmental laminator during lunch!

I love that little corgi! I need an Uncle Sam style reminder somewhere in my house!


so so clever. thanks.

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