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16 March 2011


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Oh no... No no no..

Everything? Black?

I don't know what to say...


Oh phooey. I had a similar experience dyeing play silks a few months ago. I wasn't pleased with one of the colors in my striped rainbow silkie, so back I went. Now it is uniformly a dark, murky green.

Better luck next time...


I'm so sorry I'm having a chuckle right now... really I am! I'm just so glad I'm not the only one these things happen to.

UK lass in US

But black is a great colour, so it could have been worse (I might have been one of those people that dyed some laundry pink by accident...)


Ugh! Poor you! Dyeing always seems to have that high risk feel to me, but admire you so much for giving it a go!

janet clare

... there's always tomorrow? Not helpful?

Buy some dye stripper/ discharge and have another go with the same fabric.Or, get some bleach and draw patterns onto the fabric with it and see what happens...

The Coffee Lady

I dyed a denim jacket that had faded when I was a teenager. I died it blue with a hope of restoring it to its former glory - for some reason it came out a really horrible colour, a dark, sludgey, greeny grey. In my mind's eye I can still see it hanging off the wooden rack, and feel my overwhelming teenage despair.

From my experiences redyeing things black, though, I recommend sticking a cup of bleach in the empty washing machine and putting it on high.


You are remarkably brave to put Dylon in your washing machine. I've ruined more washing up bowls with it than I care to admit.


This reminds me why I avoid dyeing fabrics!

Alice C

But black is the new ...errr...turquoise, orange and lime green, darling.

French Knots



Oh Ali, am reminded of my mother's face many years ago when I had a similar adventure. You could go the whole hog and introduce a bit of bleach, tie died shade of black & grey?


I see I mistyped dyed... An omen I think... Proceed with bleach at your peril.


Oops! x


can you get something from dylon that will remove dye too? Or is that just wishful thinking on your part?


Crappity crap.


Oh, how annoying. I've always had good luck with washing machine dyeing - mainly for play costumes when husband was a drama teacher. Running the machine through with bleach and washing powder on high heat should neutralise the dye there - you could try the colour remover or the pre-dye stuff on the fabrics but I think it's the luck of the draw how each different fabric reacts.


Ooo-er. Is your washing machine full of black too?


You can get a dye stripper - used to be called Dygon (ha ha) no really! Which should strip the colour - but hard to tell by how much. I used to use it all the time in my old job - it smells fowl! But in the washing machine you shouldn't notice and it might help strip the colour from your machine.
I too always put a bit of bleach in. then run on hottest wash with an empty machine.


Oh No!!! I'm thinking this might be why I'm afraid to try dying!!! Treat yourself to some yummy baked goods as a consolation. ;-)




Oh, but I'd love a black cotton voile scarf...with ragged edges. Could you arrange that too?


Oh NO! So sorry! Will baking soda work to get the dye out? So so so sorry. That hurts.


Oh No!
If your washing machine is anything like ours, it should look a normal colour in about two years.
A friend of mine has a brilliant Bosch washing machine freecycled by a fabric dyer, and perfect other than a black rather than grey seal.


Pas bon, pas bon

One of my friends once did a machine dye on a red dress but forgot to read the part about rinsing through the machine after use. Her husband was not impressed to discover his dress shirt was pink.


"... I see the girls walk by dressed in their Summer clothes.
I have to turn my head until the darkness goes."

Oh dear Ali. Perhaps Keef and Mick could proffer some solace?


Thankyou for posting this - other people's craft fails make me feel so much better. Currently my kitchen is full of thick burnt honey flavoured smoke after trying to make candied peel!

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