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15 February 2011


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No Tiffany boxes here. The girls did get a parcel of miniscule crochet hearts on a srting from Val though! I got a home made valentine curry.

Look at your icing! It's flawless.

I might have to half-inch your rosemary bending idea. I like a bit of twig craft.


What a pretty rosemary heart, I bet it smelled gorgeous. I keep hearing about Bill, I think I must check him out.


Are you mystery shopping perchance? Rosemary can't make it through the winter here unfortunately, and I can't seem to get it to do well indoors so I buy a pitifully tiny pot every spring!


No Tiffany boxes here either, just a card. And I lost a stone out of my engagement ring last week, so I don't seem to be having much luck at the moment.

Love your biscuits though. They look so neat! x


Well I think your beautifully scented heart could give Bill a run for his money, at least it's pretty much calorie free. Now mentally computing what the calories of a sprig of rosemary might actually be...

I am loving the thought of you sneaking around the supermarket, whatever are you up to?


Love your rosemary heart Ali. I spent most of yesterday morning trying to bend forsythia branches into a heart. They kept springing back into a circle and all the flowers fell off.


Your rosemary heart is so simply beautiful and the photograph cleverly composed. Biscuits look delicious too


No 2 made me a card (altough he did the cutting and told his father to sticking the stuff down for him)

No 3 made me a bookmark (because 'it was quicker thank a card'.. at least he's honest. Brutal, but honest)

No 1 told his father to buy flowers on his behalf.

Oh well.

The Coffee Lady

Oh, this is ridiculous. Now I want your biscuits.


I want your rosemary heart. Wah.

My husband explained his lack of valentine
giving by saying "We're beyond that now." Really? I wasn't aware we were ever there. "But if I gave you flowers you'd think I was having an affair." I give up.

Sew Create It - Jane

Those cookies look so good! You've made me really hungry now! :o)

villa estartit

What a fabulous way to create a rosemary heart on the occasion of Valentine's Day...It looks gorgeous and one can easily fell in love with the beautiness of it...Also the cookies are brings water in my mouth...


But your cookies look wonderful!

And the wreath is beautiful too. Now wishing I hadn't pulled up our rosemary bush--though it was probably too woody anyway. A good excuse to plant another one.

No diamonds in a blue box here either. Sigh.

K :)


You're so funny! I'm thinking that bit about Monday not being a day to be swept off on a tidal wave of love should be a famous quote somewhere. It's brilliant!


my rosemary bush didnt make it through the winter, six weeks under snow and most of the garden didnt make it....... your heart is gorgeous!

I made CL's (Bill's) cookies, either it was the gluten free flour or the recipe but they were far too sticky, and I had to add loads more flour and then sugar..... all gone though so they must have been ok

UK lass in US

I got a card. My daughter made a card in her Kindergarten class... and gave it to our dogs... At least my son was more appreciative of what I do and did dedicate his Valentine's Day card to me.

suzie sews at Dotty Red


French Knots

Luckily I'm not keen on diamonds, as I didn't get any. As usual.


You're very right - Monday isn't really the day to be whisked off one's feet!
How did you manage to ice your biscuit so perfectly? Very skillful! And I do like the simplicity of the rosemary heart.

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