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16 February 2011


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The Coffee Lady

I love sewing blog posts. A handful of words I don't understand - batting, floss, bias - and then something lovely to covet.


It looks very cosy.

Petit Filoux

I don't think I'd ever seen embroidery floss used like that, I guess it shows I know nothing of quilts!
Looks nice and cosy - and MC Idees, how do you get hold of that here? I can only find it around Kensington, and I don't go around those parts very often


Oooh, that does look snuggly and would fit really well in our living room. I've been coveting a quilt made from wool suiting since I saw Jane Brocket's Suits and Ties quilt. Glorious!


Now this I love! It was a fab article with lots of inspiration.

The List Writer


I was in the Cloth House just a couple of days ago stroking the bolts of woollen tweed, and lamenting again that I failed to make a winter skirt from them this year. I love the idea of a winter throw.

ellen kelley

Oh, it's lovely and looks so warm. The wonder of wool!


Oh that is gorgeous Ali, absolutely gorgeous. And now I am completely regretting letting my Marie Claire Idees sub slide.


What a beautiful quilt, great idea to use wool suiting, fits much better than florals in a modern sitting room

UK lass in US

That looks gorgeous - much better than the spare duvet that my daughter keeps dragging out to our sofa (I'm not sure why the sudden need, when she has been happy enough running around in wee shorts and a t-shirt all day...)


Oh Ali, it's beautiful. And looks so cosy. I love your photos - especially the cat one - although the colours are very autumnal so I'm all of a muddle about the season!


it is wonderful! and so different and perfectly cosy. how great when creative dreams come to fruition like that. and wow...those moose heads in the magazine!! next project?! x off to see if i can get my hands on a copy : )

French Knots

Oh that tweedy lampshade in the first picture!
The throw is perfect for snuggling on chilly days, warm, enfolding and such wonderful fabrics. x


you made it!!!

it's fabulous. Love it.

did it pass the boys' test? I know that if mine fight over something... it's good!


Oh that's lovely. Just lovely. (Would love to know your source for bias tape if you care to share...)


Oooh, very nice! It looks wonderfully cozy too. I love the shot of the cat enjoying it!


Great job, Ali. Very subtle and cosy - makes me want to find a cool iceblock in the middle of this summer heat though. I'll come back and look at it in a few months the cold winter storms.


Very cosy. I love the throw it's so different. I have spent the whole winter getting frustrated with my molting chenille throw.

Love the moggie pic! x


It's lovely. Is it nice and soft? I have a wool blanket which is half soft and half itchy. I wish it was softer, but then it wouldn't be a wool blanket I suppose...



It looks lovely and very cosy. The cat has good taste! Lucy x


Oh just gorgeous Ali - such a beautiful subtle palette! And yes quilts are so impossible to photograph - I think you did a stirling job!!


That last comment was from me Ali - silly children have been on the computer again!!


I love those muted colours and tweedy fabrics - like lots of little wintry fields. It's definitely an evening for snuggling (so cold!).

Magic Bean

That is stunning. I am speechless. Ax


Oh how wonderful!

I remember falling in love with the suiting fabrics on our visit to the Cloth House but not knowing what to do with them. Now I know :)

K x


What a beautiful quilt - and I bet it has a lovely weight to it too. I really like the finish of the hand-tying too.

I haven't bought Marie Claire Idees in ages, but seeing this post I really miss my subscription - might have to renew it this year!


I'm glad the planets aligned for you! and I'm glad I found your blog :)

I love your gorgeous quilt....


Gorgeous! A new sofa throw is on my 'to-do' list. We really need them in this old house!


If it passed the cat test..it must be cozy!


all your recent posts are beautiful as ever! Love this Tweedy Throw, might have to go for a rummage at the local charity shop and steal this idea!

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