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13 February 2011


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Oh Ali, it looks fabulous! Happy birthday to your boy!


What a brilliant looking party. I want to steal all your ideas! We have done a shared party for my tinier child twice, and it's worked very well - especially as having another mum involved in the planning forces me to rein in some of my more insane ideas. And I get to indulge them in the taller girl's party in June anyway :-)

Hope your little man has a fabulous time on the big day itself.


You totally rocked the fun bits too!

jess @ fushmush

those invitations and the party styling is very sweet. Love it!


How fun! It looks like you did a beautiful job on all the goodies -- love those cute little banners!


Oooh I love the invitations, pennants, cupcakes, straws--everything! Could you please come throw me a birthday party?!

And I totally agree with you re the gift bags--wrapped books so much better.

K x


love the cupcake bunting, very cute! x


That cupcake is just perfect in every way! And I'm definitely going to squirrel away that book idea for some point in the future when I'm throwing parties for my boy.

The Coffee Lady

Wow. I think if it had been me, the pennants would have fallen off the cupcakes in transit. You're made of sterner stuff.

I do love a good party in a play area. I have been to parties in people's homes, and they are BRUTAL.


Looks like the perfect party. Happy birthday to Johnny.


Fantastic decorations!! I absolutely love them all.

I'm glad you're feeling better! I was thinking of you just now as I was hanging the laundry outside - my hands nearly froze and the skies are promising rain... maybe not the best day for doing it.


What a perfect arrangement, I'm so glad that you got the fun bits of the party to plan. Those straw moustaches are great and you can tell that you really enjoyed making the cupcake banner and the invites because you've done such a perfect job with them. Happy birthday Johnny x


Happy Birthday to Johnny for next week!

The fab party decorations look great. I want one to make those moustaches for my next party - they're great!

Very inspiring. x


What fab looking party treats! I love the pennants on the cupcake! Lucy x

Petit Filoux

Looks like you organised a wonderful party! So neat and very, very cute!
Just read the previous post - I can't believe the way that person spoke to you on the phone! Hope you're feeling better about it all now, guess it might have been one of those days when things get to you - bet those little blue cupcakes cheered you up though!


I've been wanting to do that on top of a cake for ages... I'm wondering if a friend's birthday that coincide with our bookclub meeting is a good enough excuse to do that... and most of all ... would they 'get it'??

I do!! I do!! it's just perfect.


It all looks great!
I totally agree on the undesirability of party bag plastic tat. Very painful to stand on.

Alice C

Happy Birthday Johnny!! I hope that this year is jam packed with fun.


Beautiful, beautiful! Love all the brightly colored packages, and as always your photographs are simply wonderful. Happy birthday, Johnny!


Looks like a wonderful party--and I bet the parents of the guests appreciated the brightly-wrapped books in lieu of the usual plastic junk. Happy birthday to all!



aahh what a fab party and lovely things you created. My eldest is the same, hates attention but this year he has decided he doesn't mind having Happy Birthday sung to him (he used to run to the chicken shed when we sang so we haven't done it since :-)).

French Knots

Oh I want to be little again and have brilliant invitations and decorations! Looks fab!x

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