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23 February 2011


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It's amazing how much they take in isn't it?
I am now at the stage of leaving the teens to it and retreating to me bed. Still feels strange though.


I don't know what I like more... the sweater (fits you beautifully) or the conversation (gotta love that child!)

When I was a nanny in the States the then 4 yrs old said to me "is that how you make sweaters in Italy?" I said yes and he replied "oh. We buy them".

I was left speechless too.


I dread to think what he's make of my clothes -no waist shaping at all and makes me into a sack of potatoes.

Bedtime. Our teenagers are allowed to stay up until ten but they're not allowed in the sitting room after nine. That way we get some peace and quiet.


Lol! So funny - you'll have to send him out shopping for you soon. I'm always amused at how hip Soulemama's children are. They make me feel like I have the fashion sense of an 80 year old!

Love the colour of the jumper. It certainly suits you. x


Looks great, and yes, your ten-year old is spot on....hourglass!

Love the look of that wool/cotton mix, but gulp, it's expensive....

nina - tabiboo

Kids have such an innocent way with words.

I for one think it looks fab.

Happy 'half way there' half term holidays.

Nina x


that is so funny!

I love the new sweater..oh I wish I could knit more than scarves!

Alice C

Do you think you could train him to say that to me? I would pay.

Petit Filoux

What a classic!!


Very pretty sweater, it looks nice and cozy.


Well, he's certainly right - the fit looks very flattering! Catching up with parenting transitions is never ending I find. My two start school at 8am, so I'm still hanging on to bed by 7:30pm, although it's more like 8pm these days!




Ha, ha, ha, bless his heart! Lovely sweater (and super waist shaping too) Laura x


Hilarious. loved this. :)


Oh he's right, it looks wonderful on you! The ladies at Mrs Moon are going to want it for their display. And boy are you speedy! Now you see you should have bought the Bloom wool as well :)

K x


Thats just fantastic - dont you just wish you could frame these moments!


I noticed the waist shaping too, not much surprising about that really, but it is a very nice detail. It's a lovely lttle jumper I'm glad you found time to finish it


Haha -- your little fashion arteest in the making! Lovely sweater!


Ha ha! Actually made me laugh out loud. Clever you for making it!

French Knots

My 11 year old has turned into a teenager who wants to stay up late then sleep in till 11am. It is odd and I miss the 'grown up time' justa bit of peace and quiet before I nodd off, often before I've even gone to bed!
Obviously a young man with a good eye for clothes.x


Singing All things bright and beautiful in church one morning my little boy thought the words had say 'Lorna made it all' maybe a sign that mum makes to many things!!

Love this jumper must look for somewhere that posts this pattern to the uk.

My oldest has just turned 8 and during holiday periods is up a wee bit later at night took me a while to get used to the lack of 'space' not sure how we'll manage when they are around all evening.


That's hilarious lol


You've got a lady's man on your hands. If he keeps talking like that, (and he has style too) the girls will be following him for sure. :)


I have an almost-12-year old, and he's up until eleven on weekends. We make him go upstairs at 10:30, but I'm usually out like a light by 10:45, so not much quality mom/dad time is left! Of course, there's loads of time in the morning while he's sleeping in ... if only his younger brother would, too!



the sweater is lovely! and your son.....Gok better watch out! hehe

The Coffee Lady

We watched Gok at the in-laws this week. Not tempted to criss-cross some slivers of lace across your bust and go out for the evening?


That is priceless!
Lisa x


He's right! It looks great.


My two 11 years olds watch Gok too! Glad they aren't the only ones!



Would type more but busy laughing out loud.


Oh how funny! Lucy xx


oh, that's such a brilliant comment, and it is a really lovely jumper, well done you. I am in awe of anyone who can knit something - I can manage a simple garter stitch, in a square but that's about as much as I can do.

Pen at Oliver Boliver

Priceless! And a gorgeous jumper too!


I love this - how funny!


That's so funny and sweet, and he's right too! Also, strange as I've just been given that pattern by a friend whose Polly I admired. I love top down, bottom up, whatever patterns that involve circulars and no seaming. The seaming part is when I get to ruin all my hard work.

Jean K

Thanks so much for making me laugh out loud! Wonderful way to start my day :)

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