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03 January 2011


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I just spotted your mittens on Ravelry. So fab! And I think that sounds like the best resolution of all...

K x


Those are such very cheerful mittens, a very happy start to the year and you resolution seems most wise.


A very welcome splash of colour to see in the new year!


Love the brightness - perfect for a grey day

harmony and rosie

That really is a splash of colour, they're wonderful! Happy New Year.


OK, I'm sure that seeing colours transitioning through the rainbow like that, whether on these gorgeous mitts, in the sky or in my boxes of gemstones does something good to the brain.

These look so cosy and soft.


Best new year's resolution ever, and great mittens, matching thumb or not!


Oh, so cute! I have been wearing my new mittens with the bizarre ends all day (I HATE kitchener stitch. I mess it up every freaking time).

I'm afraid I cheat hugely with any knitting on the round - every time I switch between needles I put one extra stitch across so I'm never in sync with the stitch count on each needle but I don't have ladders.

Though let's not talk about my ability to cope with tension, OK? In wool or in real life ...


What cheerful mittens! They'd cut straight through any dark and gloomy winter's day.

I have problems with ladders, too, when I knit socks. I'm interested in dottycookie's approach (above). I didn't know there was a cure!

Happy New Year!



Oh what fun - love the colours! I'm not a knitter so am in awe of your achievement regardless of ladders and mismatched thumbs!


these would certainly brighten up the super snowy winter we've been having. i've been looking for a mitten pattern and these just look too cozy to pass up. thanks for the links and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! xx


very happy hands!!!

Are they for you? love them. Definitively needed in this dreary grey weather...

sigh. We had snow again today.... urgh.


Wow, these are utterly fabulous! They make me feel warm just looking at them!

Blue Skies
Charlotte xo


Very cute mittens!


how very cheerful they look! and cozy. Nice job :)


Such a cheerful post, it lifts the spirits.

Who cares how fantastically well something turns out, if it is a hobby and something you have enjoyed doing.

A great New Years thought as well!


oh snap! I have an almost identical plan which similarly involves knitting brightly stripy mittens :)

Happy new year!


Lovely rainbow colours. Knitting is such a contemplative activity. Laura x


beautiful rainbow mittens! here's to a happy new year for you and your family. x


I have a skein of that very yarn.

Those are so fab that I just might be tempted to ignore my fear of double-pointed needles (and, basically, anything harder than garter stitch) and try that pattern.

In, say, 2012...

Petit Filoux

Happy new year!
These look fab! Know what you mean about dpns and that gap, I can never do it properly! Which is probably why I started some mittens last spring and never got round to finishing them...!


What a wonderful splash of colour! I love the rainbow shades of your mittens - perfect for wearing on grey wintry days. Wishing you a Happy New Year. Helen x


I love those mittens and have added them to my Ravelry faves! Lucy x


Fantastic colours! Very, very cheerful...

UK lass in US

I'm quickly scrolling down so that my daughter doesn't catch sight of those and get any ideas about having a pair...

You know that we would never have noticed any ladders or such if you had not mentioned them, right?


Wonderful mittens!


LOVE, love them!!! Keeping ya warm & happy!

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