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05 January 2011


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Petit Filoux

Sounds very appealing actually! Barely catching with up with things since coming home, I could do with a few more days off!!
I'd never heard of xmas trees developing aphid problems... sound rather repulsive, I understand why you'd want to get rid of it asap!


I wish I'd done the same. One of our kittens is utterly bereft now that Xmas is over.

Her bauble-batting of the tree is over, covering her little face with glitter from my sparkly star - gone!, fighting with tinsel - no more! I've bought her a sparkly glitter ball with a bell inside but it isn't the same.

She's taken to wandering the house looking for her favourite twinkly playthings with a look of loss on her tiny face.


No it's not a bad job at all. But shhhh don't tell my husband!!

It's very very hard.... right? Mum's the word.


No it certainly isn't a bad job. One good thing to come out my current incapacitation is that my husband has discovered that there is rather more to it than he thought.


I find it a very pleasant job indeed, except for the constant laundry situation--and even then, when I'm in the mood for it, I find folding the laundry quite relaxing.

Lovely photo!



Well, I certainly enjoy it! Though my paid & voluntary duties at school seem to be ever expanding to fill all available time ...


Sounds good to me, I've been doing it for the past 26 years! I have to say though that the pay isn't brilliant! :)

The Coffee Lady

Aphids? Who knew.

I wish I was pottering. I am full of potter envy.


Just when I had decided to get a real tree next year!
Mr 3 came home from pre-school today, looked around and wailed 'Christmas lights!' and collapsed into tears. Only 11 months until they're back.


Not bad job at all. I'm considering returning to it soon. I normaly wait until the 6th to take mine down but I couldn't bear the clutter anymore and got rid of it yesterday!


I know what you mean - although I love being at home and working from home I am always a little envious of the boys and Rich starting new terms and a new year of work.

Still trying to clear our decorations and dust - will be complete by end of week and then work resumes next week! Simply pleasure sewing for the boys until then.



I also love being at home. I'm back at work on Tuesday and right now I am in complete denial! Love the shiny spangly pic!


I'm feeling more than a little guilty as I have potter envy. This may end up being my last term at work and for some reason it's suddenly become insanely busy and I'm missing my potter time.

I managed to take down one or two decorations today but this weekend's big job is to undecorate the tree and then drag it outside....followed by the inevitable sweeping up of needles. Mind you, rather needles than aphids - yuck!

Happy New Year, Ali :o)



The Christmas holidays for many here in UK were ridiculously long this year and for me personally, it was great when Tuesday came around, so that I could get back to some sense of normality.

We had visitors on Sunday 2nd Jan, so the tree stayed up until then, but bright and early on Monday 3rd, it was all dismantled (sorry but ours was 'plastic fantastic') and consigned to the loft until next year.

UK lass in US

I'd happily put off real life for a few more weeks - so far it seems littered with viruses, car repairs, nagging and early mornings. I miss the sparkle of the tree lights of an evening.


I love your cupboard jewels. I wouldn't be able to put those away either.

I hope the pottering is good today.


Every year G and I debate the merits of a real vs. artificial tree. The aphids might just tip the balance to artificial next year!

K x

French Knots

Lovely sparkle, just what is needed on a grey day.
I love being at home most of the time, but sometimes feel that something is missing - mental stimulation, being part of a team, companionship, challenge, focus....any or all of them. Just not sure what to do about it.


I think it's a fantastic job -- I do hope you're enjoying it to the fullest! I have a few ornaments that I keep back in a cabinet every year too -- mostly for safety's sake, but it is fun to look at them in July! Beautiful picture!

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