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31 January 2011


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oh... I've been soooo bad at it.

Ok, I'll try better next month.


Is that a tooth coming out? Has the tooth fairy been?


Well, I, for one, find it very interesting! And beautiful too!


Lovely Ali. I'm all for the fresh flowers.


Isn't january a funny month? It starts with all the trappings of Christmas very much around and ends with a yearning for spring, and hearts ready for Valentines day.
Love the photos and how they show so much happening in one short month.

The Coffee Lady

Oh, you live a pretty life. My photos always have piles of laundry or a roll of bin bags in the background.


I love how little photo snippets of life can evoke so many memories. Your collage looks great. I've often been tempted to take on the 365 challenge but haven't joined in yet... maybe next year!

This month I have been enjoying the photo scavenger hunt challenge which I'm sure you'll have heard of!

I love the rainbow mittens by the way!


Janee Lookerse

Fresh flowers always make things brighter. I recently captured a bunch of flowers from my friend's wedding reception. I stuffed a bunch into a vase and they looked gorgeous...then about 5 days later I started noticing a funny smell...it took me 2 more days to figure out it was the flowers molding. So gross. Grossest ever. Note to self: Don't cram too many flowers in one vase without monitoring them.


Such pretty colours for such a dreary month!

Melissa H

Hey, I'm trying this project for 2011 too. I'm calling it snapshot a day--not at all technically proficient or even good but it has been fun to do. I've had a lot of 9 pm wandering around the house randomly snapping photos but, hey, I did the whole month.

Great job on your photos!!


Looks like the flossing goal is working out, too. I need a bit of a nudge on that one myself.

Still so in love with those rainbow mittens...


I think your photographs are beautiful, interesting and give a gorgeous snapshot of the month


Love all the colours in your photos and the angles you take them at.


What a great mosaic - I love how varied the subjects are. I think those smiling faces have to be my favourites.


Wonderful, I wish I had the determination to do something like this. It must make for fab memories.

Modern Dilemma

Simply gorgeous Ali, I am so glad you've done this as it is an inspiration to those of us who love the idea but are a bit slow on the take up. Talking about myself of course, will try a 334 day project maybe instead....

MD xx


I think little captured moments are the best. Lovely photos Ali - especially that yummy looking marmalade and the drawer full of hand-knit socks!



So bright and colourful, kind of makes me wish I started a 365 again this year. I love fresh flowers but they are a HUGE extravagence here. So expensive :(


I admire you for tackling a 365. There's no way I could do that. The 111 in 2011 I'm doing is working for me. Yours are all lovely shots. :) x

the crafty cpa

this is a great project. so cool.


ooh the third shot I love !!!!

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