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17 January 2011


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Angel Jem

And orange, of course!
You make me feel guilty, I must get my knitting out again. Enjoy wearing your top, it looks lovely and very stylish.

Petit Filoux

That looks like such a beautiful yarn, and orange of course!
I definitely would have lengthened it too!


Oh it looks fabulous! Blue Sky yarns are so scrumptious. And no seaming is most definitely the way to go!

A definite thumbs up to the Polly Pullover. Does this mean a trip to Mrs Moon?!

K x

nina - tabiboo

I love the colour and the way it's worn - it looks great yet warm and functional too.

Nina xxx


hurray you finished it! I take it you got the yarn ok... I also found your Jersey needles... they'll be in the post soon too!

Looks great, by the way. That colour suits you.


I adore the colour. I will learn to knit this year, I will


I luff it.


beautiful! love the colour and the pattern - it makes me want to give it a go although I have always left the knitting to my talented man... perhaps just this once!


Lovely cardi! I made the same one a while back, and I loved the pattern. I love the way you describe your knitting experience -- I can so relate. I worry & fret through the entire knitting process -- just hoping I don't end up with something 'of little use and no beauty' (J. Austen);).


That looks beautiful. What a gorgeous colour. I love rediscovering a nearly-completed project!

Slugs On The Refrigerator

ooh, we are obviously on the same colour-wavelength today. Its like going to school and wearing the same outfit only way cooler!!

My next project: purple ;)


That really suits you. I am envious. I am scared stiff of knitting garments for myself - mind you the cost of the amount of wool I'd need to knit a giant one is a fairly good deterrent too!


I'm really impressed. The odd time I've finished a knitting project the result has been hideously unwearable. As for Polly Pullover, me likey very much.


It's gorgeous Ali! Love the colour! Lucy x


Looking good. Orange is the perfect antidote to blue Monday. I am a very nervous knitter also - now that I have got the hang of socks, I feel reluctant to try something new...!


I absolutely love alpaca - it is sheer joy to knit. I too have mid garment nerves, there is so much work to do before you get a sense of what a garment will look like. But it's turned out beautifully!

C x


It looks gorgeous Ali! The colour is fabulous and I think the changes you made to the pattern work beautifully.


harmony and rosie

Wonderful, it's a stunning shade. Perhaps I may be able to achieve something like this one day..

The Coffee Lady

Oh, I love those roll-y sleeves. I knitted something with roll-y sleeves about 25 years ago, but yours is far, far better.


It looks beautiful. I love your modifications -- it looks like the perfect new length to me!


Methinks the description on the label is quite fitting! Fantastic! Definitely thumbs-up on the Polly! What color will she be?


Oh scrumptious orange confection! It's really lovely Ali and the rolled sleeves are perfect.

I too am wondering what colour you have in mind for Polly? I love the style of it, I may have to copy you, I haven't knit any of the Spud & Chloe patterns yet and that seems so wrong.


Love it! That color is gorgeous!! That pattern was the first I ever purchased, I think :)

Magic Bean

Orange?- tick.
Finished project?- tick.
Looking foxy?- tick.


Mr fox and Mr alpaca seem to get on surprisingly well. It's lovely.


"Fretting" is the perfect word for how I knit! Is it right? Will it turn out how I'm hoping? Will I make any more mistakes? Will I understand that part of the pattern when I get to it???

A non-knitter would wonder why I knit...


Well done! It looks fantastic.

French Knots

A very cheerful colour, just the right shade of glowing orange. The modification makes it just the right length too. I've never knitted a garment for myself as I'd worry it wouldn't fit after hours of work and I already have a wardrobe full of clothes I can't fit into!


The 'Polly Pullover' pattern looks great, so long as the neck isn't too tight on it. What colour were you thinking of?

Love the colour of your finished garment and personally I'm with you on the adaptations you have made. Some of the necks on these patterns are ridiculously large and floppy and I much prefer the slightly longer length.

I keep buying wool, when I see something I like, but never seem to get around to making anything up, What a waste!!!!

Brad Fallon

I'm really impressed on how you managed to do it. I never learn to knit though i love to try. I'm sure seeing your finish product gives you joy and to be able to wear it is another bonus. Keep knitting and share with us your creations. Thanks!


Love the colour. Am also impressed by the way you tweaked the pattern, as the very thought of trying that sends me into a tizz!


I love it! I'm contemplating having a go at knitting my first jumper- a shalom, I think. Not sure I'd be brave enough to go orange, though! Laura x


I love it too-really beautiful. Clever girl. I must learn to knit something other than scarves.x

UK lass in US

My hero.

Just the fretting about fit has stopped me from even casting on any clothes for myself.

And yesterday I was proud of myself for buying a boring blue floral top, just because it wasn't plain black, and here you are looking great in orange...


That's so pretty. It's summer here, the thought of amber wool makes me itch... but I will wishing for it in a few months time... :)


I'm so impressed- I can't even knit a scarf. I've been trying this week and had to give up and reach for the crochet hook instead.


that orange is beautiful. i'm impressed with all knitting.


It looks fantastic! Definitely going on my to-do list...

suzie sews at Dotty Red

Just so beautiful, I love it. What a fabulous colour, I am always too scared to alter patterns. Ah the feeling of finishing your knitting... er what's it like, never get to finish mine always starting one tho? LOL


Your cardi is so beautifully elegant - so simple - and a scrumptious colour too.

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