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21 December 2010


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Oh, poor wise man. And I hardly dare ask what's happened to that camel's legs ...

Follwing your theme, my two watched and enjoyed Nativity on BBC1 last night - as did I. And we also enjoyed the film by the same name which is entirely different and very funny and touching (you've got to love Martin Freeman).

We're supposed to be travelling later in the week. If the weather doesn't scupper us, it looks like illness might. Bah, humbug.


Circus wise men! Excellent.

I never know what they mean by 'only travel if your journey is really necessary'. My husband has to go to work. He doesn't have vital job but he's expected to be there because everyone else will be there.


oh glad you made it! Have an uneventful Christmas.

(I worried so much about not making it to Italy and forgot to worry about making it back home... oh dear.)


Oh blimey-wasn't it a nightmare? we travelled back to the Cotswolds from London on Saturday, and finally got home 9 hours later..I sent up a few prayers that day. Horrendous tales of folk being stuck overnight in their cars, and it so easily could have been us. Just came down to luck I guess.
Glad you managed it safely as well though. Scary stuff.x

urban craft

I shutter at the thought of gnarly holiday roads or blizzard flights. Happy xmas!


your nativity scene is so familiar! it's almost identical to the one i grew up with (which also modelled some original arrangements in its time!) is it one that's been in your family a while, or did you buy it recently? if so where from?! i'd love to own a set - the wooden figures are so beautiful and nothing else quite has that magic as something so central from childhood.
thank you,
have a lovely Christmas.


Glad you made it back safely - it's really not nice out there. Love the nativity scene and those acrobatic wisemen! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas safely ensconced at home x


Your wise men obviously attend circus school the rest of the year.

So glad you got home safely.


Glad you made it home safely! After 4 winters of driving in snow and ice (with snow tires) I have just about got the hang of it, but this is the first year I have kitted out my car with emergency supplies (blanket, candles etc). Feels good. Happy Christmas to you and yours! Lina x


So glad you made it home safely. And those wise men are too funny! K x

Sew Create It - Jane

Glad to hear you made it home safely...I'm quite relieved that I do not need to travel and can just sit back and watch the snow from the window! Take care and have a very Merry Christmas!

UK lass in US

I'm glad to hear that you've made it home safe and sound. My friends back home have spent the week posting pictures of cars sliding around on ice, so I can imagine it was a wee bit scary.


Glad you guys are back safe & sounds for the holidays! And your last post with the Christmas card had me laughing. Its like living a secret life..hee hee.
Wishing all of you a super merry Christmas, Ali!


glad you made it home. we drove through snow tonight, it was NOT fun......... hope you have a very happy Christmas with no travelling xxx

Sarah @ Natural History

We haven't dared to leave Oxford, although my father was unable to make it across from Ireland for Christmas, sadly. It's a bit miserable just now here anyway, though, with the thaw & the pavements still being a bit wonky once you get off the main streets.

Still, I have plenty to keep me occupied - lots of painting of banisters (sooooo slow!) and I spent all day yesterday putting the sale up on the site (before coming home to said banisters).

Alice C

Now that you are safely home you can shut the door and enjoy the seasonal edition of Top Gear and other vital elements of the festivities. Take care. Enjoy.


Scary weather - glad you got home safely. Love the nativity scene - a merry Christmas to you all and a peaceful new year.

French Knots

So many people have had to change their plans this year because of the weather or illness, glad you are all set to enjoy Christmas.xx


glad you are safe.
please do tell where you got the nativity scene. i've been looking for a lovely wood one for our family..

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