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14 December 2010


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Just so funny! Maybe the capitals in the middle of words is a secret code!

Vicki in Michigan

I think we should all pick someone at random from our local phone books, and send them a card each year, signing it from Graham and Olwyn....

It could be a random act of cheer (and perplexity, I suppose)........


That´s so funny!
I got a bit worried, though.
I´ve been writing my m´s and n´s like capital letters since I was 12 - for oh, about 27 years now. But they are very small capital M´s and N´s. It just seemed easier to write them like that, you skip the fuss of those slow loops and after all, I make them small!
The only one who has ever commented on this was a boy who used to sit next to me in sixth grade. Nobody else has seemed to notice in all these years. But now you have me wondering... am I as peculiar as Olwyn?


How bizarre, we have the same..and I also can't find the right people! Except this year I recognised the envelope but inside the card was toally blank!! Odd!


So charming and nice. Most amusing Christmas post I've read so far this year.

Best wishes, zill.y - who only recently stumbled over your beautiful blog

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