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13 December 2010


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Those are absolutely lovely. Such a good teacher present too. it is nice to give something useful.

My favourite tea towel is bright yellow and reads 'Beach Towel For Cats'.


I had a really nice dream about Russell Crowe once. Really nice.

I like your tea towels best Ali. Did you print the tape yourself or can it be purchased?


Followed the links you thoughtfully provided and found the answer to my question -thank you.



Ahh, I have tea towel envy now. Your teachers will feel spoiled.

Petit Filoux

I loved the idea straight away when I saw it on Monica's blog too, and I even bought the teatowels to do it! Just haven't quite got round to it yet...!


That is a brilliant idea for teacher pressies - they look great with the sweet tape measure trim. I have teacher pressies on my list of things to do for wednesday but am still not sure what I'll be doing. I have some mini stockings and crochet snowflakes ready to decorate the outside of the bags but as yet nothing to put inside!


I love a good tea towel....and if they're too lovely for the dishes I use them as a little handtowel in the bathroom. Do you know the site http://www.todryfor.com/ Lots of lovely choices here!


Oh, those are fabulous! I was (am) a teacher, before I had my boys, and I would have adored those as a gift!

I frame teatowels too- a lovely Bridgewater Betjeman one and a Schoolhouse Quilt one from the American Museum in Bath grace my kitchen walls at present.

Laura x


What super teacher gifts. I'm quite sure I never had anything quite so beautiful when I was teaching.


So very envious of your Caren Garfen tea towel! I loved her quilt in the Quilts exhibition.

K x


Wow -- all those towels are beautiful. I love the measuring tape on your towels -- too cute. And that dream towel is hysterical -- I want one with Sean Connery on it LOL!

nina - tabiboo

Anything with gingham most definitely has a big thumbs up from me and I think you're right - you can never have too many tea towels.

Nina x


Oh I love that Daniel Craig one, never fails to make me smile. Wish someone would buy it for me! Your handmade ones look lovely, nice idea to use measuring tape trim x


I also have the Daniel Craig tea towel and it used to hang decoratively on the wall and make me smile. Imagine my horror when, during a reunion party, an ex boyfriends wife used it to dry up. I was hoppping about with my mouth open trying to say "stop stop stop" without being rude!


I am a sucker for all things gingham so I would love to be one of your sons' teachers! And thank you for the link to such gorgeous work - very special indeed!


One more and then I'm done.

glad to be of use!!!


Lucky teachers - they are gorgeous gifts, the gingham and measuring tape trim is a winning combination.

The Caren Garfen one definitely looks too special to use.


Teatowels - they seem to have become so much more beautiful and chic since I was young. I bought one of my closeest friends an Anita Klein teatowel recently. At £10 it was rather more affordable than one of her prints (£500 plus) but she danced about the house with it, totally thrilled. That was a good teatowel moment. I expect your lads' teachers will be bowled over.

UK lass in US

I wish I had dreams about Daniel Craig - mine are all boring ones. At least I've never had a nightmare, but heck, I'd settle for a dream about Sean Connery. Not Roger Moore, though...

What a great idea for teachers' gifts!


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