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08 December 2010


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Oh! Imagine a tree decorated only with ornaments made from upcycled paper!

We saw a display of paper cutting embellished books in Cambridge the oher day and thought of you. Little pop up trees and houses complete with battery operated tealights. Gina knows who the artist is ... unless, of course, it was you.


Stylish and beautiful Ali.


What a lovely idea, I can just imagine a few more of the hanging from those bare branches in a very stylish and festive way, you definitely need to nip out for more pins!


You are just so darn clever at this crafty business!
Lisa x


Oh how wonderful! I'd love a tree covered in these! I think you should run a paper ornament making course for next year. I'd sign up straight away!

K x

nina - tabiboo

In a weird (chop up a book) way that is truly beautiful.

Nina xxx


Oh how beautiful! You clever clogs!


Stunning! I'm fairly ceratin the artist whose work we saw in Cambridge was Su Blackwell... unless of course it WAS you?


Stunning. Oh! Really stunning.

I have the exact same itch as you but I'm using different stuff to make them: silver (obviously) and that air drying white clay. Ooh.


Those are very pretty, and how clever to use pins instead of glue or something else equally messy.


Oooh, I have an itch, a very big itch.


that's so sweet. It makes me feel like I want to chop up my old books too



I love this!


Well, I've got the books and my circle punch on hand. I will just need a tub of pins and some of those balls! I know what I'll be making this weekend.


you're insane.

But in a good way.

And I like you a lot.


I'm too much of a scaredy cat to cut up books for some reason, although I agree with you they do make terrific art. Your ornament is lovely...


Ooooh I love it!! Funnily enough I'm off to buy some polystyrene balls and pins today but I have had a request for sequins!!


you know, i've never quite gotten past the notion i'd be struck down by lightning if i cut up a book (the upside being, i could finally say 'smote by the hand of god'!). but you might just have nudged me to the other side with this one...



What a lovely and unique decoration. It looks great with the black and white ribbon.


Circle punch? where do I find one of those? and are some better than others?

LOVE the decoration



Hi Ali

You probably already know about this but if you go on UK Handmade web page and read the blog, there is a post showing some amazing decorations/structures made from paper. Love your creativity!


Maybe that's what I should do with the excess of books on my TBR mountain range - chop them up. Your pinecone is beautiful!

Alice C

Can't get beyond the anxiety caused by cutting-up-books-is-BAD which was drummed into me as a child but DO love the ribbon.


Those are very, very CUTE!


Wow! These are so beautiful!


You know, until 2 mins ago I didn't need to find a polystyrene ball or some more pins, and now I do, because those look so cool and you make it sound so very easy. Thanks.


I love them! Although I would never be able to bring myself to cut up a book. I was an English student for too long. Mind you, I was fine with writing in them, and I can't think of a better way to 'retire' a book than one of these lovely pine cones. Great idea!


Gorgeous! It looks so perfect, thanks for sharing it!

a-m x


Love 'em!

urban craft

ooooh, these are super cool. Keep the upcycled book ideas comin'!

Julia York

What a fantastic idea. Thank you. I shall try these out later today I'm sure I've some of those polystyrene balls somewhere.... wanders off to find them.


hope these are only right-wing books!

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