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07 December 2010


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I TOLD you they were something else... might not be the most 'elegan't of desserts... but elegant schmelegant... they taste fantastic.

Glad you're still alive and not frozen in this arctic weather. I am. Not even the dog wants to go out!!!


Oooh I have the same book but haven't tried it out yet. Must definitely give it a go now. They do say whoopie pies are the new cupcakes!

K x

Just thinking, does making whoopie have the same double meaning here as in America...?

nina - tabiboo

They are absolutely delicious.

I have that book and even went out and bought some marshmallow fluff which is completely divine - totally gorgeous.

Enjoy baking,

Nina xxx

Chloe Patricia

Ali - I haven't heard of whoopies before and was very intrigued, so I went to amazon and bakerella to investigate. They look like macaroons to me, with a lot more of flour and I suppose it makes them taste more cakey. By the way, no seven days of specialness this coming February? Thank you, C.P.


Oh, you bad, naughty person.

Mind you, I bet they'd go down a storm in the lunchboxes ...


I daren't make these. I made some a long time ago before they were all the rage. They were bad then and they are bad now. Bad in the devilishly good sense of the word.


Oh. I need some.

Your picture of a whoopie pie with the lights behind is beautiful. I can hear the little cake angels singing.


I really like the idea of these. They look fairly substantial!!!


That does sound like a lovely weekend and what a perfect place to go and get your tree from. As for the whoopie pies, well as I have no slinky party dresses to squeeze into over christmas I feel completely justified in following the link to the recipe as yours look spectacularly delicious!


Oh they look and sound divine, maybe one to add to my Christmad list. We havent yer got the outside lights up yet, but soon!

The Coffee Lady

I thought rugby was never cancelled, judging by the weather our local schoolboys play in. I thought the whole world had to fall into a hole before they called it off.


Oh, I have had those on my 'to bake' list for a while after reading an article saying they were the new macaroon (macaroons of course being the new cupcakes...)! Mmmm, they look delicious, and so pretty with your lights, too. Laura

French Knots

Oh dear they look delicious.....better buy bigger knickers!!

Fixing My Thoughts

Your whoopie pies certainly look like they turned out well! I think that would be a fun activity for a winter afternoon and might give it a try. Thanks for telling us about the book! Bess


I keep looking at "whoopie" recipes and thinking I must give them a try. I think you might have convinced me.


They look yummy - as do your pictures. x


Another fab photo. And of a fabulous cake!
Lisa x


Oh, I love that book! And your photos are so beautiful and festive.

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