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10 November 2010


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janet clare

Whatever it is WILL be good enough, of that I'm sure.

The only piece of advice I can give is the sooner you get on with it, the more time you'll have to sort out anything that may have gone wrong. And yes, sadly I am speaking from experience...

Petit Filoux

I could not agree more! I was drooling about that cowl, and I love the colour you choose for yours.
Good luck with whatever it is you're meant to be doing x

little pink room

I bet you're more than up to the task, from what i've seen of you're skills you have nothing to be worried about. A healthy dose of nerves often ensures a better outcome, overconfidence can lead to a fall. good luck with it all. A x


I know so very well just what you mean, I spend far too much of my paralysed by the indecision that comes from a lack of confidence in my ability and choices.

Come on Ali, get stuck in, the start is the very worst part, once you are absorbed in your task the enjoyment of doing will begin to outweigh the self-doubt. Go girl!


and I really love the cowl. I am having a bit of a love affair with red just now, such a perfect colour for the time of year.


OK, this won't make you feel better, but can I just say how much you have reassured me? Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one who sits there desperately wanting and needing to do something/make a decision and finding the fear of the "what if" stopping me over and over again.

But then you already know that. When I start up my confidence shop, I'll let you know!


Just wear your cowl while you do whatever it is you need to do! Your beautiful handmade work and that gorgeous color should give you the shot of confidence that you need!!


Your cowl is beautiful! Just take a look at your knitting success and see if it won't give you the boost you need. Good Luck -- You Can Do It ;-)!!!


Take a deep breath and just get on with it. Think how much better you will feel once it is done and not hanging over your every move any more. I'm sure it will be perfect.

Alternatively, think of me as I head into the depths of the loft to search for jumble to donate!


I have suffered dreadfully from this, and now think that I have come up with the answer - well it's worked so far, and with practise it improves each time.
Sit/lie somewhere quietly that makes you happy (e.g. in bed with the electric blanket on or in the bath) until you can feel the 'burden' of the problem drop away, or at least loosen it's grip and then think about how able you are (remember past successes) and then focus on changing your attitude to one of gratitude for the opportunity. Perhaps it sounds mad but it's much better than being in the grip of The Monster Procrastinator.


Oh Ali, I know this one. I so often sabbotage my best laid plans through pure fear that I might not be good enough, rather than actually not being good enough.

However, whenever I'm feeling like that I think on my favourite Anais Nin quote and then try and dive in and do it anyway.

You probably know this one already. It's odd how some quotes really resonate with one person and leave others cold, so it may not have quite the effect on you that it does for me...but I love it).

"And the day came when the risk it took to remain closed in a bud became more painful than the risk it took to blossom"

Florence x


I am so sure that anything you do with be more than good enough, if not near perfect. I too lack lots of self confidence. I think being out of the worforce doesnt help at all


I know the feeling. I hope some enjoyment will come from the task itself and distract from the trepidation. If there's a deadline I find it really helps.

I really like the sound of Val's confidence shop.


Oh the cowl is beautiful. I'm so happy you have one now too.

And I know just what you mean about the self-confidence. I've lost so much over the past few years.

But I have loads of faith in you and your abilities. And I know whatever it is will come out brilliantly. Please let me know if I can help in any way, even if it is just to listen.

K x


Oh Ali, you are not alone. I suffer from this affliction terribly too. As I've got older I find I'm remarkably good at procrastinating and burying my head in the sand. In fact, one of the few things I have great confidence in myself about is my unsurpassed ability to find new avoidance tactics! As others have said, the paralyzing anticipation part is almost always far more painful than the reality. If only we could take our own advice.


I find that a large mug of hot coffee coupled with a very deep breath is an excellent starting point for those pesky things that need jump-starting.


the cowl is lovely, I am so impressed that you achieved something so gorgeous whilst procrastinating. I just spend hours killing time on the internet when I need to get something done...........


after our conversation this morning... you're not alone in that dept... right?

And that cowl is fab.. and NOT blue!!! I'm impressed, there might be hope for you after all!!!!


I find myself becoming more and more of a procrastinator as I get older. In some areas I have more confidence than ever then others...well!


I always read your blog and come away feeling what a lovely self assured, confident and gifted person you must be and I wish for just a fraction of your style. I'm wishing you that confidence in your latest project. (The cowl is beautiful by the way)

The Coffee Lady

Creative procrastination is pretty good, though; I can put things off and have nothing lovely to show for it.

Scented Sweetpeas

Surprise yourself and just go for it! Forget the worry and have fun (easier to say than do lol) :-)

UK lass in US

I wish that I was that productive when I am procrastinating...

The fear that it will not be good enough is already a good indicator that you will put the effort into it to ensure that it will be wonderful. Good luck.


I feel like this every time I have had to design something that will be public. Just push through and remember that it is probably something that you really love and enjoy doing and that's more what it's about isn't it and probably why it means so much. So just have fun with it.
Love, love the cowl and of course I always want to knit in the warmer weather!


One of my favourite quotes reads: “Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it.” (Goethe)

I too am crippled by a lack of self confidence and I twist myself into knots with procrastination.

But having read your comments here it seems that these feelings are not as uncommon as I'd thought. Perhaps it's just the price that you pay for having lofty dreams and high and exacting standards.

Two Owls

I seem to have read a few posts recently about people eperiencing self-doubt, all from people that I wouldn't think have any need for a moments doubt at all! Hope whatever it is goes well.
Oh and I think Mark may be right, that spacecraft a post or two back was fantastic!


Whose expectations? Yours or someone else's?
I don't know which is more nerve wracking.
I am awaiting judgement to be announced on monday...but I have no expectations of success. Nevertheless, failure will result in abject misery for a few days.
Sad isn't it?

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