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12 November 2010


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Such a wonderful story. I think she is pleased that she kept her sewing machine her dad bought her :-) Well done to Karen.

If I were to win I would choose the lovely bird cushion. I could of choosed something for a child, but as I have 4 grandchildren not fair ,, so would have to be for me and my spare room that they use.

btw.. I went into Oxford the other day and found the little sewing shop .. I never knew it was there.. always walk past that street to catch my bus.


OK, OK, I hear you. I am still slightly intimidated, but I hear you.

What a lovely shop Karen has! If I were lucky enough to be selected, I'd adore a bird bag ...


What a dream come true but not without alot of hard work I'm sure...Congratulations Karen!


wow, so many lovely things, if i was pushed to choose just one i would have to say the bee cushion!



oh my I remember her!!

isn't it funny how life goes in a circle?

she's making gorgeous things.... sigh... I'll fight Val for a bird bag!!!


I love those Irish linen cushions.


What an inspiring story! And I love the story behind the business name. Am totally struggling to choose between the many many beautiful items in her shop though! To be selfish and go for the love, peace and joy bunting, or be selfless and go for the gingerbread man christmas stocking for my nephew?! I can't decide - if I win I'll let you choose!


First: I love your blog and it makes me so happy to read your posts (almost) every day.
Everything Karen makes is lovely. I especially love the Xmas stockings!


What a good blog friend you are!


Seriously? Decide from amongst all that fun stuff?? I think I love the red striped Christmas stocking. And that little house door stop.


With a blog name like mine... how could i go past the frog?


What lovely things she makes! They would make anyone smile. My choice would have to be the digger bunting.


First of all, it's a darn good thing I didn't have anything in my mouth when I read the note-to-Val bit, as it would have been spat all over the keyboard.

(Go, Dotty C! Go!)

Second of all, this was great fun. Thank you!

(Go, Edie Karen, go!)

(Apologies for leaving a comment when So Very Caffeinated.)


what a lovely post x
I love the bird cushion x


What a lovely story - very uplifting to hear of someone who manages to build up something wonderful like this! (Especially after a week that seemed to evolve around children, mostly..). Love the denim journals!


What a wonderfully inspirational tale. I'd love to have my own craft business but somehow never seem to get off the starting blocks with it.

Anyhoo, fabulous items and if I was lucky enough to win I'd adore one of the Irish linen bird cushion covers.


great story. i admire people who are so creative and actually get things done! love the tea cosy. keep up the good work.


Bird bag or Mackerel bone bag! Lovely stuff--it does make one smile!


I too love colour and am inspired by the many beautiful pieces here. I would choose the Gingerbread House stocking: it is the stuff of fairytales.


A lovely story - a thoroughly enjoyable read, thank you. The comment about making items you like rather than those that would sell really resonates. Your grandmother would be so very proud.

As for your lovely items, I should have to choose the rag dog - I can so imagine that dear little face peeking out of a stocking! :-)

Heather x


How lovely to meet Karen this way and how inspiring too. I love the style of her online shop. If I were lucky enough to be selected I would choose her buzzy bee cushion. Perfect for a little girl's bedroom.

Don't get me started about Val. Her stall is a treasure trove I'm telling you.


What a lovely, inspiring story. I am on the verge of setting up my own online shop and stories like this are truly motivating. And what a lovely shop :-)
I adore the happy bunting draught excluder...and have the perfect draughty door for it :-)


Karen's creations re so lovely! Does she still have a blog as the blog link on her site didin't work for me!


Hi Bev,

the blog element will be revived again - must try harder is the report on my blog!

Karen (Edie Sloane)


What a great and inspiring story - thank you both, Ali and Karen, for sharing :o)

I really needed to read this today as I'm currently reassessing my options with the end of my contract looming.


French Knots

Oh that's just what I want to do when my life is my own for a small part of each day. Very inspiring and what an amazing shop.


Thank you, Karen and Ali. As the lucky winner of the giveaway, Christmas came early for me. I love the quality of the fabric and the vibrant colours. The beautiful Gingerbread House stocking will be cherished in our family for years to come.

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