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05 November 2010


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Yes, I do know someone who needs a copy. Me.

Petit Filoux

Sounds quite funny! No little people to give this to unfortunately, but I'll make sure I remember it, it's very sweet


I used to read this truely delightful book to my dollys under the shade of a bottle brush tree in our back yard. I still have our original copy and enjoyed sharing it with my daughter when she was young.


I wish I'd had this book when I was small. I wish I had it now! Isn't it great that all the ingredients are things that are easy to come by? I am fancying the Pencil Sharpener Pudding!


I remember reading your original post about this back when you first wrote it! So glad you mentioned it's in print again. I'm going to pick one up...for my own stocking. Well, maybe I'll get a couple copies, and share with some kids I know.


How has this book escaped me? Unfortunately my daughter is a wee bit too old to appreciate it. But I am not.

little pink room

Thanks for the tip! I think I do know a little girl that would love it...and her mummy too. A x

French Knots

Oh I've had this on my Amazon wish list for ages....I'll buy one for me but pretend it's for the children!


I love this! I want this book! I am partially in charge of an outdoor rainy weather fundraising event tomorrow that involves (among other things) decorating mud-cupcakes like this: http://familyfun.go.com/crafts/beyond-mud-pies-mud-cupcakes-675150/
Now I'm off to collect some pretty little leaves and tiny stones and petals!


Thank you so much for reminding me of this book. It was an absolute favorite of min >20 years ago. I immediately clicked over to my favorite bookstore's webpage and ordered a copy for my niece. S


Oh, I can think of three different people who would love that- thank you so much for the recommendation, Ali. It looks wonderful. X


Oh I want one!
Lisa x

Naturally Carol

I remember making "mayonnaise" with water and geranium petals with my best friend Kerry over the fence. At our local primary school fair there was always a saucer competition. This was a saucer of damp sand in which you stuck leaves,flowers, moss,shells, little pebbles or anything natural to make a pattern. The best got an award.


what a brilliant book - wish i'd had it when mine were little!



Oh I wonder if it'll show up in my stocking this year. Do you think I'm too old to cook for my dolls?

I must say I like the old cover better. Thanks for the suggestion!

I didn't know you owned a bookshop! Super cool :-)


I know just the person.


I saw that book in a specialty book catalog years ago, got excited, then forgot about it. Thank you for the reminder!

Simply h

Oh that's my neices christmas present sorted, it looks right up her street - and another one for my two I think!

The Coffee Lady

That looks fantastic. I shall also be checking it out in time for Christmas.


my kids are always cooking up 'messes' like this! what fun to have actual recipes!


thanks so much for this: it's ordered and now on it's way for my little girl who turns 4 next week. she spends hours making tea for us all ... and though she can't read yet, it'll be fun sharing this with her.

Modern Dilemma

Gosh I remember you talking about that book before, was it really a couple of years ago? Good lord, where does the time go? My 7 year old boy and his partner in crime, the 2 year old, will both love this so I'm off to Amazon right now....
MD x


How fabulous is that book!? The little Hors d'oeuvre's they made are so pretty!


What a magical book. Thank you for sharing this: perfect timing for Christmas!


yup i know someone who needs a copy, well two people actually. Myself and Martha


I want to get my mom mud pies and other recipes for Christmas. I just hope they fit in the Christmas stockings.

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