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30 November 2010


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heading over there right now... I need all the advice I can get!


I do it all wrong so very regularly that I don't think I'm qualified to give anyone advice.

Mind you, Tall Small is off (mildly) sick today and we seem to be having a happy day. We've even managed two sessions of violin practice without any complaints. It's a miracle.


isn't it amazing that swine come in such adorable packages...


I loved your thoughts, so well written and true. Like all children, mine regularly push me to the brink of insanity(getting out of the door every morning) but equally give me unbeatable moments of joy, belly aching laughter and pride. I have answered Clo's questions too, I'm hoping not to scare her off by sharing too many details of my labours...


Oh Ali,
How can you say that I made a mistake when I asked you to help me ;)

Your text is wonderful...so wonderful that it will be on my fridge so whenever I'm in the kitchen I will know what do do : lower my expectations!

Thank you so much again. You are the best!!!


What you speak of here sounds exactly like my own experience of motherhood. For most of the time I felt I was winging it!


You'd never believe that those two smiling boys in that gorgeous photo could ever have moments of extreme foulness! I certainly found motherhood a bit of a shock after the peaceful calm of pregnancy and there has been a lot more shouting than I ever anticipated (most of it from me)!

nina - tabiboo

I couldn't do it again - I know I had three, but foulness on a daily basis that leaves this poor mum feeling frazzled and very, very old....sorry not very encouraging at all.

I guess enjoy every moment, take it slow - don't be rushed and listen to your own instincts - don't be pushed.

Nina xxx

little pink room

Ha ha! Yes, mine continually get one over on me (ages 5 & 2), I can't believe that they were ever helpless little babbas!


Isnt that what parenting is all about? I bumble around at motherhood at the best of time


Great post. That's the thing about kids. They can see-saw between angelic and foul and back again in an instant. My challenge is not to follow suit. My success varies.


Been there, read it and come back to say how brilliant you are. Perfect advice for the expectant Mum. Well done. x


You're so funny! Those certainly don't look like little swine to me -- they're adorable. The bad news is that they'll get worse about listening to you -- the good news is that then they'll get better! ;-)


Tee-hee! What a delightful post! Just this morning, I was thinking I should have read the fine print about this motherhood gig before I took the job. You know, the details like:
"Must drag self out of bed on too little sleep at unholy hour (5am) and prepare healthy, delicious breakfast that cherubs will refuse to eat and exclaim smells disgusting, and then must patiently ignore tantrums that ensue before 6am when cherubs are denied cookies as alternative breakfast..."


Oh, yes. Truer words were never spoken!!!


I loved both posts, even though I am now shuddering as I remember my own new-baby boot camp. My firstborn took 26 hours to emerge (posterior babies unite!), and in spite of the gentle, low-light, hushed-voice environment that was supposed to ensure that he would be mellow and peaceful, he shot out onto the dining room carpet squalling his head off. And then proceeded to nurse every 5.7 minutes for the next three years.


Ignore you say? My girls could give your boys a run for their money in that area I'm sure. The rollercoaster ride can be utterly horrifying but then there are those moments, like when my two constructed a secret carpet picnic complete with bunting and then invited me, that completely blow me away.


We could write a motherhood book, they seem to sell like hotcakes! :)

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