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28 November 2010


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Now I want the Eric Carle advent calender! You find the most amazing things!


I love the concentration on your son's face as he draws the Christmasy motifs! The calender you have for them is lovely. I do like the beer Advent Calender too though!!!

little pink room

The Eric Carle calender is lovely! Yes, I think Mr PR would prefer the beer calender...


Advent is already here Ali!

Love those calendars especially the beer one, one could adapt that to wine bottles.

Sue x


The Eric Carle calender is super but the beer calender is just inspired. Might have to pinch that idea.

UK lass in US

I'm sure that my husband would like one of those beer calendars, but I think that he'd be sneaking beers early and it wouldn't last until Christmas...


A beer calendar - genius. My hub is having a bit of a hard time workwise - he deserves one of these.


Oh dang it! If only I'd managed to read blogs yesterday, before my youngest went home. That beer advent calendar is awesome -- I can think of lots of guys who would love it. That's a must for next year -- thanks for posting!


Haha, that beer one is hilarious!

Love the ones your boys are making!

The Coffee Lady

Did that boy really do those drawings? What talent.

Petit Filoux

The beer one is very funny! Although I don't think I'll be making that for my other half anytime soon, he doesn't need any encouragement!
Your boys are obviously very sweet!


The Small Object advent calendar is a brilliant idea! I fell in love with the Eric Carle one last year but felt silly buying it for myself. So good to have the boys to buy for! K x


Ali? Can i steal your beer calender idea for my hubby? I love it so much.


1. Wish I had known of that Eric Carle calendar about seven years ago.

2. The beer one: ingenious. I might have to do a Twelve Days of Christmas one for my hubby, because he's too busy at work to wind down until the 25th.

3. Congrats re: getting the boys to roll up their sleeves and make gifts. Little Lad has turned up the idea and just keeps pestering me for a wish list of "boughten" items. Would it be inappropriate to ask him for wine?


Uh, that was supposed to be "turned up HIS NOSE AT the idea." Don't tell anyone I used to be an editor.

(Slinks off to get more coffee...)


Great advent calendars all round. I love Johnny's drawings and his organised workspace - he'll go far in life for sure.

Two Owls

An advent idea to suit everyone, perfect!


The beer calendar is genius - love it!


I love the eric carlise one and have come to expect no less from you. Wonderful. I am going to book mark the make your own one for next year, thanks Ali


Thanks so much for the heads up on the Eric Carle advent: I realised in the early hours of Monday morning that the chance of making the string of tiny envelopes I'd only half planned was starting to look a tad unlikely. So I bought the Eric and the Olive the other reindeer one. Will have two very happy children in the morning [and a pile of very small envelopes!].

Pen at Oliver Boliver

The beer calendar is sheer brilliance. I wished I'd spotted your post 2 days ago as Mr C would just love this (maybe keep this up my sleeve for next year..). I discovered your blog quite recently and will be popping back for more as I just love your writing style. Thanks again for the chuckle!



All those calendars are wonderful. The beer one is inspired! Might try that next year, but with miniatures ...


Oh, the beer one is genius, wish I'd seen it sooner - I'll do that for DH next year!

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