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31 October 2010


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Hooray, thanks for posting this! It's well-written and clear, and much easier to follow than all that techie stuff one could google. Thanks again for putting this together for all of us.

little pink room

Ali, thanks for this. I know you emailed me similar advice a while back which I really appreciated and I've had sitemeter since then. It is interesting, I hate seeing the searches too (I"ve already mentioned my blog name problem)but it's good to know if there are any creeps lurking out there. I'll definitely check out Tin Eye. I'm glad to see that I'm not overly cautious and that other bloggers have the same concerns. Aoife x


You would be surprised at how little I check my stats ...but your last couple of posts have given me something of a jolt ..I am lazy/careless about my photos and shouldn't be..


Nice tutorial!

...and nice feet too.


I'm just catching up with blogs Ali and feeling like I should be more on the ball about all this... I've never checked stats... didn't think I knew how. Perhaps I should?


Thanks for this, Ali. Much nicer to hear it from you than Google. Happy halloween!


thank you x


Ali, what a brilliant post! Thank you. And well done for getting a rather lovely cheque.


Thanks Ali, it is very nice of you to take the trouble. Tineye sounds very useful. I think you have to have a pro account with Flickr to check stats but from what you write it sounds as if might be worth upgrading if, like me, you don't.


Fab post Ali -amazingly useful. I've just installed Sitemeter although I already had Statcounter. I will investigate TinEye and Google Analytics.

Thanks a million
Sue x


I think you're right Tracy - stats might only be on pro Flickr accounts.

Chloe Patricia

Hello Ali - First of all congrats on your first sale of your photo. Secondly thank you for taking time and trouble to write this post, it's great. Chloe Patricia

Cass Ward

Great post, thanks. I also love those shoes in the second photo. Can you tell me what they are?


This is just great! After your other post, I signed up to Sitemeter but I think I must have done something wrong as it tells me I've had NO visitors! I know it's wrong as I've had comments on my blog! Am off to check out the Google one instead.

And then Flickr!

Two Owls

Thanks for this, I'm very much an 'ignorance is bliss' blogger when it comes to stats but will look into it now. Thanks again.


Really interesting post. Congratulations too on your first picture sale.

Alice C

Thanks Ali - a really helpful post.

I would only add that if you are using Blogger and you wish to control access to your pictures you should ensure that the privacy settings for your Picasa account are adjusted. All pictures uploaded to Blogger are held at Picasa which is similar to Flickr and are open access unless you adjust your privacy settings. I choose to have my Picasa folders as private to restrict the distribution of my images and this has worked well for me but you would have to decide what you want according to the purpose of your blog.


Ah thank you! I have indeed just scared myself on Gogle images - but only because there appears to be another dottycookie who makes odd drawings and posts them on something called Deviant Art ... I may have to change my name!

Sew Create It - Jane

great advice...love the idea of the image search...That's a good one to check out!

Modern Dilemma

This is a great post Ali, thanks for doing this. I'm sure someone has told you this already but have you checked out Ideal Home's Complete Guide to Christmas 2010? They have your mini wreaths (don't think it's your photo though) and then a few pages of home-made bits using music sheets. I saw it and had to check the editorial list to see if you'd got a new job!

Well they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

MD xx

Aybige-The Cat's Notebook

Thank you for letting know about Tin Eye. Brilliant discovery for me. Cheers.

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