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27 October 2010


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Wow - who knew you could do that?

I wish I had known. My brother (and now sister)-in-law had hydrangeas at their wedding last month and it would have been lovely to preserve some for them...

Petit Filoux

Now that is organisation if I've ever seen any! Didn't even know you could do that, very interesting!


I am forwarding this post on to my friend who has a front garden full of these beauties and of which we were only discussing yesterday!

(I'm going to whisper that I have had my SR book out to... shhh...)

UK lass in US

What a beautiful wreath - I can't wait to see your version.

I'm already in a Christmas-y mood. I think that I've finally found a way of coping with California's lack of an Autumn: start thinking of Christmas early. Now if I could just persuade Scrooge, I mean, my husband, to let me start putting up the decorations...


Gorgeous - and destined to be even more so.

There's no point in fighting it - festive preparations are well underway here too!


Ooh, that is a clever plan. Festive planning going on here too. In fact I'm feeling a little smug because so many of the presents have been bought already. See that little halo?


No need to duck. I'm actually looking forward to all the preparations, crafty or otherwise. As for the wreath, I'd admire your patience - it looks beautitful.


I'm sure you'll be able to make a lovely garland!

I must try this next year...


I never knew you could do that with hydrangeas. They are going to look lovely. Hope to see the wreath once it's done.


How clever. I always wondered how florists kept them fresh for so long. They will make a beautiful wreath.


Your top photo looks very Pre-Raphelite! It sounds a great idea and I look forward to your Christmas pictures! The wreath is fantstic.

little pink room

Oh, I'm the same as you... I have Sarah Raven's Christmas book and have spent the past few weeks organising my forced flowers for Christmas. I love this time of year. I love having a celebration to plan. I can't wait to see your wreath.


That would explain why mine have gone all crispy then.


What a clever idea! Please post the wreath when you make it. :)


You are far too organized! I remember Martha had an interesting article about preserving flowers in glycerin a little while back...

K x


Oh Ali, that is organisation on an insufferable level...but I like it & the flowers in the bath is a beautiful thing indeed! I didn't know that you could preserve flowers so that the petals remained soft - so much nicer than the crispy look. X

urban craft

wow, that's lovely. You are so lucky to have access to the hydrangeas like that. Beautiful.


Move over Martha Stewart... your days are counted...

nina - tabiboo

I always seem to have a hit and miss approach with dried hydrangeas - but then again I do tend to just leave them to dry out naturally so I guess that is where I'm going wrong.

Have a wonderful day and weekend,

Nina x


Oh, good to know! I just always dry mine (using the Martha Stewart method) which works in a way, but they're rather crunchy and fragile. Must try your method next year!


The wreath is absolutely stunning - how I wish I'd seen this before my hydrangea was had by the frost or I'd be doing a total copycat! I plan every year to cut and dry the heads and then miss the window of opportunity. Thanks for the tips about preserving the hydrangeas too, ready for next year at least.

Looking forward to seeing photos of the finished article, it's going to be gorgeous!

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