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29 October 2010


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Goodness! This is alarming, but I'm so pleased the ending was a good one. Which image was in the magazine? Which magazine? I'm burning with curiosity.


Well, GOOD. Good for you (and I suppose good for them because this is the first time I've heard of anyone getting a retrospective payment).

I hope this is the first of many for you - you take beautiful photos!


Well done for not only spotting your photo but also for getting some recognition, at least monetry.
I was amazed when my zoo photo was spotted on Flickr then used - I'm obviously very naive about these things!


Congratulations. Both for the cheque and for sticking up for yourself.

Good work!


Good for you! I'm curious to know if you found out through your flickr or blog stats? I find people using my photos ALL the time, a lot of them are eastern european blogs. Up unitl now I have been fairly laissez-faire about it. As long as they link back to me or give me credit, I generally don't mind and even sometimes even when they don't, I just turn a blind eye. Maybe if I had a business selling my stuff I would be more guarded? In any case, it it was a bigger publication I would have done the same as you. Maybe watermarking your photos is one way to go?

Petit Filoux

Yes to the last question!!


I must go and check my stats. I keep having someone look at one of my photos of cactus at Kew gardens for some reason!!! Well done on selling your photograph even if it wasn't done the way round you would have liked!


Well, I don't know how to check my stats and see if someone is using my photos, but I did once have someone contact me and now a picture I took of a slug eating my kale plants is in a Canadian informational leaflet about pest control!

Congrats about selling the photo (even retrospectively :) ) hopefully they'll be back for more :)

lucy locket

Well done for pursuing it and congratulations on your first photo sale! Lucy x

janet clare

well done you! And congratulations on the budding photographic career.

Would you believe me if I said I NEVER check my stats... sounds like I'd better had!


Good for you! And congratulations on your first sale!


Good for you on writing to them and getting compensated.

Scented Sweetpeas

This really annoys me, if people can't be arsed to take the time to take their own photos then they shouldn't think they can steal images from others! gggrrr. I once had an image stolen, I contacted the person who said it was theirs, I then pointed out our daughter was in the image - the cheek. I am careful now to watermark all my images that I upload which is a bit annoying to do but it stops be getting frustrated by people who feel that can take what they want.

Sew Create It - Jane

Well done you...I must admit I do watermark my pics...but I have never actually checked if they are being used elsewhere...I'd love to know how to do that. Glad you got something for your picture...let that be a lesson to them! :o)


Good for you! How do your check your stats? I didn't know it was possible to do that.


Well done you! Was it Country Living? Do tell!

I'm not sure I'd be able to find out if someone had swiped one of my pics but I do check my stats and recently found that a post I did entitled Vintage Grannies was getting hits from a decidedly unsavoury search. My post was about crocheted granny squares you understand -I changed the title.


I'm studying a course of professional ethics at the moment. Just yesterday I learnt the 'No free lunch' rule: Assume that someone else owns virtually all the tangible and intangible objects unless there is a specific declaration otherwise. If something created by someone else is useful to you, it has value and you should assume the creator wants compensation for this work.
Well done you for making them pay! Perhaps you should publish a charges sheet.

The Coffee Lady

Well done you! After reading a blog quite a while ago about a similar thing but involving someone's child, I tend to call my photos very short and ungooglable names. But then really, I can't see how anyone is ever going to want to nick mine. Taking bad pictures is one defence, but not one that you can use.

harmony and rosie

Call me naive but I thought you could protect yourself from images being snatched from Flickr through the Privacy section in your Account. That doesn't help the blog situation and now I think about it, I have had some strange sites on the stats and really should look further. Thanks for telling us this story. (Your photos are beautiful by the way but it's still no excuse for theft!)

Alice C

I always recommend that new blog writers use SiteMeter or similar tools to understand more about how their blog works. When I started writing I spent a lot of time worrying about the perils of publishing on the internet. Three years later and more than 1000 posts I am confident that I would recognise if a post was getting unusual or excessive interest - as it happens it is a post about yardangs - and I am OK with that.


i never check stats, don;t know how!! perhaps i had better find out but i don't think anyone will be in a rush to use my pics! Congrats on selling yours though - brilliant!


nice detective work!
and as always...very nice photos.
since i seem to have little time to blog lately...i have even less time to check stats but you've made me think i should try.
have fun with that cheque! x


congrats on your photo sale even if it was by unsavoury means -- maybe you could do a post for all us people who have no idea how to check this type of thing - please ?


I'm glad you got paid for it; I wouldn't have the first idea where to start looking. I did install SiteMeter, on Alice's recommendation, but I don't use it properly.

I have to admit I rather think that once you put stuff on the internet it's inevitable someone unscrupulous might decide to "borrow" it. Which doesn't make it right, or any less sad.

UK lass in US

I'm glad that they paid up. Um, I don't check the stats or anything. I've asked people to ask before selling the dollhouses, but haven't really searched and have only come across a couple that hadn't - I give permission, but ask them to put a link, so that people know that there is a free tutorial if they want to make it themselves. Maybe it's just because I'd be nervous about confronting them anyway...


The curiosity is KILLING me, but no, I won't come right out and ask which magazine. Really, I won't.

I, too, like to check my stats to see what people are looking at/for. Usually it's not my images they want; more often they're googling "Amish" or "gluten-free." I tell myself that it wouldn't be a big deal if a random individual swiped one of my photos, but would I be so laid-back if it actually happened? Hmmm. And yes, if it were a national magazine, I would be livid. Well done, o assertive one!


'Borrowing' has been a significant problem for some Australian craft bloggers who have had whole posts 'borrowed ' (including photos of their children) and duplicated on blogs crafted from other peoples' lives/blog posts. I think you've done wonderfully to make some money from your photo - and may there be more - but keeping an eye on your stats also seems wise.


oh brilliant!!! you go girl!!

I'm off checking the funny spike I got last week... wish I'd be so lucky....


Well done for tracking them down and getting payment! Very unscrupulous of them. And now of course very curious as to which magazine...

I used to work in museum rights and reproductions, and you'd be shocked (or maybe not) at what some of the biggest and most well-respected art publishers try to get away with re image use. Sigh.

K x


I was truly horrified to read that someone would 'steal' your photo, but lets hope that it's a blessing in disguise and that now you have a new career. Your photos are certainly good enough. Is it something that you ever thought of? Often it's those talents that come easiest to us (and that we therefore don't value highly enough because we think that everyone can do it) that are the ones we should be persuing. Perhaps it's a case of 'Goodbye bookselling' and 'Hello freelance photographer'. I wish you the best of luck in your new career!

little pink room

It makes me feel icky when I see my photos come up in google images search - even though they are quite innocent searches. Even worse the time when I realised that in some countries 'little pink room' is a euphemism for something unsavoury. I think we take a leap of faith putting ourselves out into the ether... we have got to hope for the best in people. I'm so glad you got the recognition you deserved. The watermark issue is an interesting one - it would be nice to have some way of permanently connecting your photos to your blog, but watermarks can seem a bit 'corporate'. I'm really interested in this discussion, I'll be back to see what everyone has to say. Aoife x


Gosh all quite scary and grown up isn't it?? I am completley shit with these things, i never check stats, never really consider what happens when I post pics or publish posts. I just merrily blog away in my own little bubble. I quite like it in my bubble actually, it's pretty and colourful.
Hope you enjoy every penny of your payment Ali, treat yourself to something lush.


ok, me again.
Stats...hmm well now, how does one go about checking them exactly?

I just looked at google images relating to my blog, never done that before, omg, my pics are all over the show.

Think I ought to venture out of my bubble???
You got me pondering now.x


The other thing I've seen is people linking to an image so it displays on their website but uses up your bandwidth. You can prevent it but I think it means the images don't display in your RSS feeds.

Modern Dilemma

Well done you for chasing "them" on this. It's shocking how often this happens and noticing Lucy @ Attic 24's comment above, all I can say is please Lucy, you must look into this. I know I've spotted what looks like your image on a number of occasions (don't ask me where though, I can't remember what I had for tea today let alone anything else!).

MD. x


Good for you! Through stacounter I've found images of my work in a lot of Russian sewing forums (Forae?) and using google translate I discovered there was much discussion about how I work, and eventually they discovered my technique. I was flattered, and irked a little, but after all they weren't pretending the photos were theirs.
I also found a number of my photos on a sartorial blog, about Harris tweed, but again they linked to me.
I fact if you can find them on 'came from' they must link to you or they wouldn't 'come from' them.
But how did you find the one that you were eventually paid for?

Zoe, Conversation Pieces

Glad there was a happy ending...


Oh! I am just starting out in the world of the blog, so this is all very interesting and educational. Thank you, and I'm glad you got a cheque in the end.

Andrea - Indigo Blue

I tracked downa Turkish blog that spent most of August 2010 using not only my blogs pictures but also most of the post contents nearly all of my tutorials. After clicking on few links, translating the blog I managed to find a email address for the blog editor and emailed my annoyance over it. I discoverd this as I suddenly had a high number of visitors from tat country. I got a reply because from what I could gather the author of the Turkish posts was being paid for supplying content and it was the same author who used 8 of my tutorials!! I asked the editor to stop using any more of my tutorials and that it was time to move onto someone else. I also disabled my tutorials for a month and not added any tutorials for ages. I still get visitors from that blog but no new material has been swipped. It is an absolute cheek and because they have not asked it can not be taken a flattery. They never offered me anything financial at all despite the volume of may hard work that they took for payment. I have posted two tutorials this week and if it happens again I shall report them to blogger and send them an invoice for the material taken, then I shall name and shame them extensively on my blog, twitter and facebook.

Andrea - Indigo Blue

I forgot to say that I tracked them down via Livefeed which is free to put on your blog. Soory, the speeling might not have been too good above, it is late and it is my typing which is at fault, I should check more.

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