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30 October 2010


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We were debating which chocs to buy ready for tomorrow - and we all concluded that Quality Street are nothing like they were in my childhood. I can't stand them now!

Our lot are getting mini crunchies. I know, Mr Ambassador, we are spoiling them.

Love your tins. We have a 3 faced pumpkin and it nearly killed me.


Mice just don't taste like they used to!


I don't do trick or treating because I'm a mean old witch but I love your preparations, so stylish but fun too.

The Coffee Lady

If I had a table like that it would be piled with bills and broken crayons.


Aaah, you can't be mad at that face...

Happy Halloween!


oh sweet. I love the mice... hate the strawberry creams... or the coconut ones ... i'm a purist. Like the gold mellow ones...

happy halloween!


Your Halloween decorating is really stylish. I love the BOO tins! I am not crazy about Quality Street but now Toast is a real sweetie!


Ah, she's a true mouser then! Happy Halloween! K x

jen : painted fish studio

tsk, tsk, naughty kitty! :)

your entry way looks wonderful - have a great halloween!

UK lass in US

Oh, how can anyone not like strawberry creams???

I haven't even carved the pumpkin yet. Not a single Halloween decoration in sight. Oh dear...


I'm coming to yours to trick or treat - I love the strawberry creams!

Happy Halloween!


I adore the little mice you've got scurrying about your skirting!!

I am about to hunt for your paper wreath tutorial as I am plannig ahead for Christmas this year and loved those!


Lovely hall! The strawberry creams made me smile - I'm sure your trick and treaters will be more than happy!

Scented Sweetpeas

Saw your photos on Flickr of those up-cycled tin cans, fab idea! oh those mice area so sweet even if one has had a battle with the cat already :-)


LOL - that is the best innocent look ever!


Your decorations look great! Of course, after all the sugar I consumed over the weekend the sight of those candies is making me a bit queasy.

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