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05 September 2010


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I recommend making Baked Alaska. It's cheered me up no end!

Lovely Radio4 have just told us that autumn will be here tomorrow so I'm trying to cheer myself up with thoughts of log fires. Better get a woodpile going. There are a heck of a lot of berries out there this autumn and I DO NOT want to be cold.


I'm irritable, too! And angry with myself, because it is a GORGEOUS day (gentle breezes! blue skies!) and I should be euphoric.

Too early in the day for wine. Perhaps a nap...

(Have a good week.)

The Coffee Lady

School starts tomorrow, and still it hasn't hit me. It will, it will.

Well done on the cupboard though.


... bring on Monday!


We (Small) went back last week. And Smaller starts at pre-school on Tuesday. I think tomorrow will be my Sunday.

I love love love your downstairs facilities by the way. Ax


Oh yes I've got that feeling too.
Lisa x


I also have the 'back to school' feeling! At least you can console yourself with the wine that you found. x


I've had the Sunday feeling twice this week - once on Wednesday before we went back to school, and again tonight. Roll on Monday so the sinking feeling can start turning into anticipation of the weekend instead!


your photo really sums up your mood today ali...hope you've been able to lose yourself in a good book or spot of knitting for the evening. i am actually liking the new season feeling but i know i'd feel differently if i actually had back to school blues. every day is a school day for me now! here's to a week ahead that brings joy and fresh minds to embrace the changes. x


It's a funny feeling isn't it? One I had last weekend. Like you, my nesting instinct seems to be in overdrive this time of year and the urge to declutter is strong. I've just finished going through all my kitchen cupboards...a long arduous task, but satisfying at least.


Maybe next weekend I'll feel 'funny' too. Right now... I'm excited. I've always been excited the first day of school!!


Ugh, I know the feeling!

Petit Filoux

I know that feeling oh so well!! The dreaded sunday night feeling...


I know that feeling well! In fact, that's just how I felt yesterday as I packed Monster's bag - his first week back at school is spent away from school on a residential outdoor activity week.

I waved him off at 9.30 this morning and didn't feel nearly as glad as I thought I would to go back to an empty house.


UK lass in US

Two more days until school starts (both kids this year - gulp) and summer is over - I'm ricocheting between nerves, excitement, sorrow, panic and anticipation (I'm dreaming of the possibility of visiting a far-flung fabric shop... without kids in tow...)


Did this morning feel a little better? Hoping so.

I was definitely morose last night - it wasn't pretty. This morning I had a fresher, more optimisitic outlook. I got through with just a couple of chocolate buttons and some shortbread.


I know just what you mean about Sundays... K x

back streeter

your first sentence is often so beautiful


Oh that vase is so very pretty - just looking at that would make a Sunday feel better :)

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