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28 September 2010


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little pink room

Please keep babbling!! I would love to have gone. It's great to see what was there and to hear your perspective. A x

marianne farrell

And the same from me too! I'm 'up north' and te train fares are so ridiculous that a trip to London is a rare thing indeed. Your blog account and gorgeous photo's are making up for not going (and making me think about saving for next year....)

Thank you, M x


How lucky to be able to go to that show - amazing and inspiring. I'm blown away and full of ideas. Thanks so much for sharing!

UK lass in US

Oh, I think that there's some books that deserve to be cut up...

That bird is beautiful


Please keep babbling. I don't know how I managed to miss Anya Keely. I realised on the train on the way home.


Please keep babbling; slightly ill children kept me from Origin today, but since I'm starting to feel a bit weird myself that's maybe just as well.

What am I in danger of losing? Well, I've already lost my patience with persistently foot dragging, late-making small people. Nothing new there, but nothing to be proud of either.


Oh, and since I directly quoted Gina's first phrase I have apparently also lost my capacity for independent and original thought. Gah.


oh no, keep showing us. Its fab.


Oh how I wish I had managed to visit, but your posts are a wonderful glimpse of what I missed so please do not stop babbling, I am feeling very inspired and loving all these new links.


Who'd have thought that such beautiful art work could be made from the pages of books.


I'm another book lover - always have been, am teaching my kids to be. But I have also horrified people in the past by throwing a book in the bin (it was falling apart and that was before my mixed media days - these days I'd recycle it - or upcycle it) and continue to horrify some people these days by using old books in my art. Admittedly, I will usually start with a book which is falling apart to start with, but not always. After all, they are only paper...

Wish I'd seen this exhibit - it looks fabulous!


I love both maps and books. And I think making things out of them is a good way of continuing their magic when their relevance is fading. An old, irrelevant book or an obsolete map that will never be displayed can still be vibrant and interesting this way.


Well, I am in danger of loosing my temper as bus fairs have gone up AGAIN. But that's another story... loving seeing your pictures and thoughts about origin, looks like a good place to visit. Although I do sometimes find those things overwhelming and end up thinking there's no point in making work anymore because everything is so good!

Sarah Morpeths's books are beautiful aren't they. I saw them at the Leeds Artist's Book Fair last year (another one of those places that can be overwhelming!) I loved the tiny pop-up bird books :)


i am enjoying these posts- so interesting and inspiring!

lucy locket

What fantastic pieces of work! I never quite know which side of the fence I'm on about deconstructing books as I absolutely love things made from pages of books but don't think I could be the one to do the deconstructing! I'm lucky enough to have a friend who does that part for me and sells fantastic packages of old book pages http://makerecycledcraftworkshop.bigcartel.com/product/paper-pack

And what am I in danger of losing today? My marbles of course!

The Coffee Lady

Utterly stunning. I love things made with books. I must let you know about a project we're doing at work at the moment.

nina - tabiboo

I love a good book and it is normally the words that speak out to me too, but there is also something so very tactile about a book - the smell, the feel, the weight, but I also love this alternative art....even though it is made from pages within - I guess it speaks out in a different way.

take care and have a fabulous day,

Nina xxx

Petit Filoux

keep it coming i love reading about it!

French Knots

Oh yes keep telling us about it, so inspiring and you write so well. The bird made from maps is stunning, no wonder you are inspired to start cutting too.
I lost it long ago!


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and pictures from 'Origin'. It makes me so envious of the skill and ingenuity of the exhibitors and sadly so inadequate.


Really beautiful!

Evie Milo

I know what you mean and I like you hack with abandon - I love books, but also love to use them in my work. I get a similar reaction to some of my jewellery and when I tell people that the rings and pendants they are admiring are all made from antique silver spoons - http://tiny.cc/rki1k - some people love the idea but some are totally appalled and think what I've done is so wrong. I often wonder when I'm purchaing antique silverware whether the seller would be horrified if they knew what I was going to do with them - probably!

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