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26 September 2010


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I was wondering over on Alice's blog whether it actually stood for 'Sitting & Musing'. That would fit right in with any bloggy view of the world.


Looking forward to see what you make!


Am only slightly boiling with envy.


I am green with envy and hope to enjoy more of your crafy makes


Oh I am indeed envious--Origin and Spitalfields and Alice! So what sort of crafty ventures are you planning? How exciting!

K x


I shall sprawl on my chaise longue with a box of bonbons and an afghan and cast a lazy eye upon your industrious crafting.


I'm green with envy... I so would have loved to come... instead I spent the afternoon with a house with little noisy boys and and absentee husband (... didn't know rugby matches lasted that long... he's in trouble now)...

Can't wait to read more!!


More envy here. I very much wanted to get to Origin this year but couldn't make it. And to spend the day with Alice too... lucky you!

UK lass in US

I keep my goals very quiet so that when they go the same way as the 'finish painting the house' goal even I will forget that I ever had them. Maybe I should try the public shaming approach, as my willpower is obviously lacking...


It seems a little insufficient to call Origin a craft fair by the look of the website! I'm wondering whether I can play hooky for a day and nip down there before it ends. Hmmm.

lucy locket

Blogging your intentions is certainly a good way of pressurising yourself to actually do them!!! Good luck! Lucy x ;o)

The Coffee Lady

Whatever you blog about, it'll be good. Hell, you only need to post pictures of good mugs to make me happy.


Good Luck with getting back to your crafty roots, and ENOY it!

Cate, x

little pink room

I'm really looking forward to your posts this week. I'm in exactly the same position. More and more talk of things I'd like to do, not much action. Maybe some of your enthusiasm and inspiration will rub off on me? Glad your feeling excited! Aoife x


What a lovely day! Very much looking forward to your 'crafty' posts.


I LOVE that mug!!! Can't wait to see more from Origins.

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