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09 September 2010


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Lessons like that are always worth learning. Better now than in a few years time once they've finished school!



I have to be honest, I don't name socks. I know, I know, I'm a negligent mother.

The most I've done for socks is those iron on write on tapes, and the girls complained like mad that they were uncomfortable so I didn't do it again. Result!

Alice C

What are these 'name tapes' of which you speak?


That's a heck of a lot of name tags! I would never have thought of machine sewing them onto the socks either! x


seriously???? by hand????

well, I'm glad you finally saw the light. Next you'll do like me and you'll buy the iron-on ones. They even survive the drier. Brilliant stuff. (although not as nice...)


Yes I cottoned on to that one this year too. It was sending my boy to camp and having to name absolutely EVERYTHING that made me see the light ..

UK lass in US

I just use a fabric marking pen. As much as I like sewing, I procrastinate far too well when it comes to boring sewing like hemming and name tags...


Well done you for being a good mum and labelling the socks in the first place and you definitely deserve some kind of award for all of those previously handsewn labels! I started out 6 years ago with the best of intentions but slovenliness has got the better of me and the Cash's name tapes have sat forlornly in the drawer ever since! Hope the change of pace has been OK for everyone there and that you enjoy the more relaxed pace of the weekend tomorrow.


64? 64? You are a hero, hand-sewn or not.


You sew name tapes into SOCKS???
Take the good mother award!
We just take a few lost socks as standard. That's a small price to pay for someone who takes a year and a half to get round to sewing missing buttons back on.
Having said that, I might just name the football socks as that ended up being a long running saga last year.


Blimey - well done! I don't do socks, and use marker pen whenever I can get away with not sewing...


The other way to save time naming socks, which also took me years to work out, is to fold them in half and sew firmly along the short edge. It takes about five stitches. Once you start this with socks, you end up doing it with EVERYTHING.

But this is the first autumn for 20 years that I haven't had tapes to sew and a child to send back to school ... not sure my youngest will want his stuff marked for uni!


French Knots

Crikey, you are a proper mother! I am a lazy slut who even sews the name tags onto shirts with the sewing machine and has never name tagged a sock.


You've shamed me! The only things I manage to name are school cardigans because I know they are taken off and left in the playground. The rest I leave to fate!


You label socks??

I have completely given up on sewing name tapes now. Initials on the washing label with a Sharpie is as far as it goes now.


Hooray for saving time this year!


Labelling socks is certainly above and beyond the call of motherly duty. Once again, you have demonstrated a talent far greater than the majority of us mere mortals. Finding the repetition far too dull this year (the first with two sets of uniform to do) I have resorted to fabric pens and chance in equal measure, thus saving time which can be spent more pleasurably doing interesting sewing.


Whaat? School socks, rugby socks, white socks? Name tagging socks? Gee, I never knew UK to be so foreign :) Are these some kind of special + expensive socks or why on earth do they have to be named? Ohhh, now I get it, they are part of the school uniform right? Funny, this uniform thing. And really, rugby for kids???

I had to name my kids stuff for kindergarten. Lazy me just used this fabric medical plaster (they exist in skin tone or white) and a textil marker. Survives plenty of washes and is soft too.

(I seem to be the only blog-less commenter...commentor....commentator? A long time lurker though)


wow, i have never labeled socks, but i don't have boys either. seems very logical and cost effective to do so, ha. i do or have labeled coats and sweaters! oh and lunch boxes.


Hmmm ... I wonder if this is a British thing? My children leave their same socks on all day until they get home, when they peel them off and throw them hither and yon. At some point, my boys and the Man will all have similarly sized feet, and then I'm going to have to figure out a system, but until then their socks remain anonymous!



What a very good idea!


ooohhhh, I really should buy a sewing machine. I subscribe to all these lovely blogs, that create wonders with them...Maybe pop it on my wish list for Fc.

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