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17 September 2010


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Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope Mark let you down gently and that you got a nice little thank you gift at least.


Really sorry to hear that :( Really poo, and I'm sure that they will never find someone as good as you, full time or not!!


Oh darn it, Ali, I'm so sorry. Idiots. I wish I lived down the lane from you. You could borrow my children - maybe then they would achieve some level of competency in arts and crafts!

Perhaps you should open your own bookstore...heavy on the craft book titles...and doughnuts for all of your customers.


Sorry to hear the decision wasn't yours Ali. I find myself often having to defend my part time hours at work to colleagues who work full time. So tiring. Have a donut for me won't you?! Lina x

UK lass in US

I'm sorry to hear that - it always sounded like a dream job to work in a bookstore and fit it in with school hours. I'm sure they'll regret it. Not only did you give them free advertising, you also put together great displays and costumes etc.

Still, that doughnut looks a lot tastier than what I am about to throw together for dinner...


I can't imagine how they made that decision, but you certainly must know that you are the opposite of redundant. So very necessary and unique, now maybe you'll have time for more apple-y things for yourself.


that stinks, but just means something else was meant to come along, be ready. mmmm on the doughnut. can't imagine a better transition!


What a blow - but here's to having the space for new exciting things to come along. And time for the 'christmas make' list.


Maybe it was meant to be, maybe there is somethign amazing for you just round the corner? I hope so! In the mean time enjoy your apple doughnut ;) xxx


what a shame xox hope the donut helped......


Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure you'll find wonderful ways to fill your days, though. You are so creative!


Oh Ali, I am sorry to hear about your job. I just hope they appreciate all the great things you did for the shop - I'm sure you'll be very difficult to replace.

I hope you enjoy some soothing time at home - especially enjoy those doughnuts!



Sorry to hear about your job... hope the apple doughnut helped a little - apple are my fav!


Ali, I am sure you bought heaps of value to the book store. I bet they will miss doughnut friday! x


Oh duch a shame you really seemed to put your all into that job
I hope you find something fufilling to do next.
Doughnuts on a fri ....ummm...not there's tradition worth upholding ;)


What a shame - sad for you, although I think their loss will be greater. A short sighted decision on their part. It is a good looking doughnut though.


It can't be a nice feeling. I hope that can enjoy the time to yourself and the silver lined donuts until something even better comes along.


I shall miss seeing you in there and at events, and I'm sure the shop will miss your fantastic creative flair - it can't have been an easy decision letting you go. It's a real shame, but I'm sure you'll find a new challenge to fit your considerable skills.
As for doughnuts - I love the cinammon one: no filling, but full of flavour!


I'm really sorry to read your news about your job. I hope you are able to find something else, when the time is right, that suits all your creativity.
We have doughnut Thursday in our house.I always buy some with the weekly grocery shop. A good tradition.
Lisa x


Well, they're clearly twits. Perhaps you could send them a copy of Roald Dahl's finest in place of the doughnuts?

Here's hoping you fill your days happily (as if you wouldn't) and find someone who does appreciate you very soon.

The Coffee Lady

Oh, bugger, Ali. I don't know what to say.

Get in touch though - Mr Coffee has admired your design ideas for the bookshop, and would love to talk.

French Knots

Silly sods, as if they'll be able to replace your enthusiasm and creativity. But yes, you are right redundancy stings and smarts.
Hope you had wine later too.x


Rats, I am sorry to hear that. Did they not like all your creative marketing on the blog - surely that is worth a few hours work!


Yes, sorry to hear that, Ali - I'm sure they'll miss you. But cake is always a good distraction and an apple doughnut is a great place to start!


yes, apple doughnuts would help cheer the mood but I can understand why it needs cheering. I'm so sorry to hear that you're not working in the bookshop anymore. You clearly enjoyed it and I hope you find something else to fit in with school hours that equally pleases your creativity.


Sorry to hear that. But I'm sure you'll manage to fill the time with many exciting things.


What pants!!! Believe me, it is their loss! Your hours may have been part-time but your effort and energy were most definately full-time!
So, what crafty plans do you have????????


So sorry to hear that, it's never a nice thing to happen even when its a business decision it still hurts (we are currently being "change managed" and "efficiencies" are being sort)

Hopefully it will be for you though a chance for another door to open...

Best of Luck


Look at all these comments!
I, too, am sorry about the job - but my stomach is growling for that donut!

Alice C

Oh Ali...
Do you want the sympathetic comment? I can do that. Or maybe the encouraging 'there will be something new and exciting around the corner' comment. I can do that too. Or perhaps just 'enjoy eating doughnuts in peace and quiet while you can'.


That's a bugger, matey. Time for something new...

Now I feel like doughnuts. My waistline isn't thanking you, but my tastebuds sure are.


Ali, I am so sorry that they chose the easy option and I am sure that you will be missed. I know the feeling about being at home without the boys and am going ion to school twice a week to volunteer until I find a part time job to fit in with the boys. Well done for being positive, the doughnut looks fab.


Their loss entirely. And now you can have the doughnuts all to yourself :) Just let me know if you need any help filling that free time, as I'm pretty sure you won't be free for very long!

K x


sorry to hear about the parting with the book shop.
the apple doughnut looks amazing though - just like the ones we used to get on holiday when we were kids. i've never found apple doughnuts as good since! where's that farmers' market?!


Oh Ali, that's hard. But you're right...solitary doughnuts are a good temporary consolation. I'm sure that in time it will bring interesting new openings, even if they're ones that you weren't hoping to have to look for.



Sorry to hear that, Ali. Such a shame to have to reorganise one's life on someone else's decision. I'm sure that something will present itself in the fullness of time. In the meantime.... baked goods will do.


darn it! i know you liked your job (and being a bookseller is on the top of my list of jobs i think i'd like) so i'm sorry you lost it.

lucy locket

That's rubbish news Ali - I'm so sorry :o(

But apple doughnuts must help a little bit!

Hope you find an even better part time job to keep you out of mischief!

Lots of love Lucy xx

Petit Filoux

Oh boo, sorry to hear the bad news. I'm sure there must be something else that you could do part time? But in the meantime, enjoy your time at home, I know I would!! x


That looks delicious. I do wish I could get to the Farmers Market but I do appreciate my job as well. I'm so sorry you won't be in the bookshop any more. I hope this is the start of some fantastic new opportunities in your life... I'm sure you'll find something marvellous to do next. Hopefully something that can be combined with going to the market for doughnuts.


That's a real disappointment - its such a shame when they let talented people go - I'm seeing it all the time in my job (recruitment) but you will find something good to replace it x


hopefully something new will come up soon! enjoy the time at home, as much as you can, i'm sure there's lots of little projects you have on your mind to keep you busy until the right job comes up!


Ali - I was wondering why I hadn't seen you. That's such a shame. They must have had their reasons, but you are so good at it - they'll miss you - as I will. My fingers are crossed for you until something good turns up.


Oh, I'm sorry about this too -- hmmm. But a nice doughnut --


Crap! But i am sure you won't be bored and you will find new challenges...kiss from ireland

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