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07 August 2010


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Know that feeling only too well. If I could only have back all those hanging around, can't get on with anything, waiting for someone/something else hours (not to mention the ones wandering around supermarkets!). Lovely yarn - might it do a scarf in a lacy pattern?


my head is busy contemplating paint colors as well. but i can't paint until we do the stairs. which may require some sub floor repair... it's a vicious cycle.


I know the feeling all too well. Sigh. But at least you're stuck with a gorgeous yarn!

K x


Silver loo sounds super, mine is deepest, darkest navy and strangely fabulous. I think you can be very brave and dashing in such a small room. Swing by B&Q on you way to the supermarket, it will cheer your day no end.

As for your boy scout, why do we even bother checking off the many items on those lists. Dylan came home from a week away having apparently worn just one pair of trousers but at least the pants had been rotated. I think showering was held in low regard too.

Love the pink yarn, love, love the pink yarn and I think with it would look lovely next to your dark hair, if you fear not enough for a scarf then go for a little neckwarmer/neckerchief type thing.


Dan came back from church camp yesterday with a completely dry flannel and only one pair of pants used! At least he changed them once!


I love the colour yarm - yum. I am not sure of silver, we painted the study grey and I do love it though!


I rather like the sound of your Bararella loo plan. The question is, do you have the boots to match.

I remember that Sunday feeling.



I can no lonher rely on my soeedtypinh


Reassuring to hear of your thoughts about Scouts ability to self-care-it's not just us then! Our washer did wonders with the dustbin liner full of festering river soaked clothes!
You can do a loo ANY colour-ours is brightest boldest turquoise, with a silver lino floor, so go for it!


That is a beautiful skein. You always have enough wool for a scarf - as long as you have a toning/contrasting colour to intermingle. Of course if you only like scarves in blocks of colour that doesn't work.

Silver is very brave, but the advantage of small rooms is that if you hate it you can re-paint!


My Scout son is just the same, don't get me started on why hair should be brushed once a day. Another boy at one camp decided he would wear the same socks every day at a week long camp, until the other boys in his tent complained about the smell.

lucy locket

I would go for the Toasty mitts - so lovely and cosy. As for the loo, a childhood friend's mum used to have their downstairs loo papered with gorgeous brown wallpaper with tiny chickens on. Her argument was that it was such a small room she could get away with indulging herself with whatever wallpaper she wanted - if I had a downstairs loo I'd do exactly the same - so go for the silver!!! Lucy x


Lurrrve the yarn, and silver could be great in the downstairs loo, with lots of white it'd look futuristic and ever so clean! Hope you're having a great weekend :D


A friend has a bright purple and silver downstairs loo and I love it - I think it's too much for a large room but is a fab touch of glamour for a pretty unglamorous small space!


oh nooo... not that Sunday feeling... I remember it well. It's horrible.

Hey two weeks from now Sunday will be a much better day, hold that thought!!!

suzie sews at Dotty Red

love the thought of your little one not changing clothes for a week... I have a lad like that:)
Mmmm stuck in with new yarn, sounds almost bliss...

Alice C

Silver loo? MissM would say 'now I know what it feels like to be a turkey being put into the oven'.


ooh that yarn looks a lot like some I saw at Darn It And Stitch on Saturday. I was very tempted. I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide to make....


Love the yarn! My nephew has a silver bedroom and I find it very cold, but for a loo it could work!


Oh, I love that yarn--what a beautiful color. It would look lovely in a silver room!

And no matter how popular you get, we will always be friends!


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