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10 August 2010


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The plum crisp looks very enticing. I wonder if it would work well with blackberries too? x


Ah, plums. My Mum's new garden is bursting at the seams with fruit and the plums are divine. A jam-making we will go and I'd already spotted Gina's plum cake too.


You've said out loud what I've been thinking for the past week. On my early morning dog walks there is a distinct feeling of autumn approaching. Today's dilemma... do I make the Crisp with the remaining plums... or try his recipe for a Cobbler?


ooh I need to check out that google reader gadget.


Your plum crisp looks delicious. I may have to give that one a try. I love Autumn and am looking forward to fires, walks in the woods, stews, roasts and soups again. Summer is lovely but I'm always happy when it turns into Autumn.
Cathy XX

The Coffee Lady

I can't manage with Google Reader; it confuses me. I use bloglines, but always click through to the blog.

And it is NOT SUMMER. Because I haven't finished sewing my sundress yet. Or even started, for that matter.


I use the Next button now as well. I like it because it is much easier to leave comments. And who doesn't love comments?


Mmm...plums. Yes I feel a change in the air too. I'm glad, summer seems to have gone on forever.

I don't 'get' Google reader at all and that next button won't drag itself anywhere for me. Does it work for any browser?


ooh, and ooh.
My Abel&Cole box tells me that Autumn is on it's way - onions are back, and I had a pumpkin last week. I'm sad to see summer go - I don't feel like we've had enough of it, and I need my tomatoes in my greenhouse to ripen off so need a bit more sun.
Thanks for the link to the next button. It is now installed.



The Plum Crisp looks delicious - must try that. On the guilt factor with old bread - if you have a food processor - just pop all the bits in there and whizz for a few mins (to make breadcrumbs) better with slightly stale bread. Then pop in the freezer for whenever you need them! They take mins to defrost ready for fish fingers, chicken, schnitzel...or hey another Plum Crisp!


Hello. I love popping into your blog every now and then- it is always so calming. Love love love the cd holder- am going to make one asap and as for the downstairs loo... yes! You must go full on shiny silver- it sounds amazing. Want an update. Soon. Ax


I'm loving the fact that autumn is on its way, but don't quite feel that summer has been exhausted yet. There must be a handful of warm sunny days to come! Although try telling us that when this morning we woke a dull, damp, grey day! x


The next button is genius.


I believe I've made my feelings about summer coming to a close abundantly clear--it's time for it to be done with! I do normally enjoy the first month or so, but we've had an especially hot summer. I will say that I'll miss all the cicadas buzzing in the trees and my flower garden.

Autumn is my favorite season. It makes me want to knit and take long walks and rake leaves and drink books by the fire. Doesn't it sound grand?



just found your blog and wanted to say HI.


Definitely feels autumny to me today - brisk shower of very cold rain increased the feel. Shouldn't August be hotter than this? Don't mind if we fast forward a bit - need to start knitting and sewing and baking. Wonder if the plum crisp would be good with greengages?


I love the next button! but you know you can hide the unread count in your reader--it's right next to the home button. Plum crisp is the only way I like to eat plums. Martha has a recipe for one with cardamom in it that is delightful.

lucy locket

Plum crisp sounds lovely. I may have to try that some time soon! Lucy x


YES change is definitely in the air, and I love it! I've felt a definite chill when hanging out the washing the last couple of mornings, and it gives me that excited buzzy feeling in my stomach. I love autumn! And the plum crisp looks scrumptious, and thanks for the brilliant google reader tip!


I love transitions best. I love spring and autumn because you still get lovely days of the past season to enjoy, as well as days of the season to come. So you can have cocoa by the fire AND beach walks. Brilliant!

Although. It's just hinting at being spring here and I am SO READY not to be cold anymore.


Ah, I always look forward to Autumn as well - falling leaves, sunshine, burnt orange...ah, let it begin!


Ali, I love, love, love you! That new Reader button thingy is brilliant, so much easier to manage. Thank you.

By the way, you have to make Mr Slater's plum cake too, it's oh so good.

Lesley Austin

I heard quiet crickets a few evenings ago, so know that Autumn is approaching....tho' it is hard to believe with the day's temperatures in the 90's and 100's. I am longing for coolness, but feel like we have missed the Summer, too, because it has been so very hot.

But I am in a cool coffeeshop, reading your post in bloglovin, which sounds alot like Google reader with the next feature...but has a lovely cheerful and "clean" look to it. It makes me happy.

Wishing you rich end-of-summer days.


I am also feeling like Autumn is on the way, but I'm hopeful that we'll have some more lovely summer days before it arrives!

I have really enjoyed your blog and am now following it! I look forward to reading more!



Clearly, most of you live far away from Texas. It's gong on 15 days with temperatures above 100. The only thing in the air is the occasional scorching breeze. Kind of like a hair dryer. Autumn is my favorite time of year, so I can't wait. I know this will pass, but not for a while.

Love plums and crisps. Thanks for the recipe!!


that plum thang looks delicious, but I haven't recovered from the tomato sauce marathon and so I stay away from the kitchen...

that google button? genius. Once again I bow to your computer knowledge... oh wise one.


I totally agree with you about enjoying reading a post in the original home content of the author. Something that a reader really lacks in. I may have to give google reader a look - thanks again!


I'm not quite ready for autumn yet, I need another month of sun.
How lucky you are to have such a shop nearby.
ohhh that Plum crisp looks delish!


I love autumn, the crispness of the mornings and all those beautiful crunchy golden and plum coloured leaves....oops, I think I've strayed into the territory of the plum crisp....yum!


I just had to come back here and thank you for the 'next' link information. Its so much nicer than facing the list with ..lets say...673 unread items!
I read up all my unread at the weekend (well, most of them..) and now I read half a dozen with the 'next' button until suddenly it says 'You've reached the end of this internet would you like to see another?'

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