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23 August 2010


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Just thought i'd drop in and say hi - Trash and i went to the festival on saturday and had a great day - we love Janet Clare and always go and see her and have a chat - we both bought one of her kits!


How lovely for you to meet up with your bowl again! I think granny may like to be part of the show and tell spectacle!


Yes, I have a question: This washi tape of which you speak, erm, what can you do with it? Is it not simply a prettier way for Jack Duckworth to mend his glasses (or indeed Mr P after he fell over the dog)?


Oh, I have another one: could you tell me more about that beautifully-coloured wire. Does it have sterling silver inside? If so I'm suddenly very excited.


Wonderful show and tell - I have several reels of that beautiful wool Lana thread too. Such pretty colours.


It was such a lovely surprise seeing you and my bowl was so happy to see it's mum again. Thank you for coming over.

I totally get the wire thing. How pretty is that?!



Oooh I think the wire looks quite exciting! What do you have planned?

And how lovely to see your bowl! Do you have any felting tips? I've been wanting to knit that pattern but have been scared by the felting bit...

K x

French Knots

I once let my daughter take a dead frog in a tupperware container into school for show and tell - yours are so much nicer!


A lovely show and tell! I long to go to a quilting festival, and can't wait until my guild's show in October.

My boys tended toward boring show and tell items (baseball cards, stuffed animals), and I feared their teachers would think less of us as parents because of it. In retrospect, maybe they appreciated us even more ...



Maria is right, we love Janet too. I made the hare kit up last night and then used the pattern again this aftie to make another!

The Coffee Lady

We will get to see what you make with this stuff, won't we?


I saw your brautiful face on the u-handbag blog! Sounds like a wonderful time!!


I love that bowl- wanties bad here. Must search out that book and get rank sheep smell going in our utility room. Ax


Hi Emma,

No sadly (for you) I'm pretty sure it is copper based. It was from the Crazy Wire Company.

Ali x

> To: alisonhudson03@hotmail.com


That looks like such fun. And you're right about the connections, though sometimes it feels like I am watching them from afar. It's still a joy to watch them.

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