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31 August 2010


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I would like to guess on the one not renewed, but I don't want to be shot down by lovers of it!!!

The List Writer

I subscribe to Good Food, Burda Style and Ottobre. I get Marie Claire Idees from my Mum & Dad whenever they remember to buy it and stick it in the post to me from France (most issues actually) and I buy sewing and knitting magazines as and when (okay - quite often then).

I find it extremely difficult to part with any of them. Knitting magazines get passed on to my Mum when I have accumulated a load, and every couple of years I go through the old Good Food mags and cut out my favourite recipes and throw the remainder away, but I HATE doing it.

Sewing magazines are always kept, because I might really need that pattern one day. I might!


Freecycle is a great way to get rid of old mags, other people are always grateful! I rarely buy magazines these days as one offs, but I do subscribe to CL. That's it. Out of sight...out of mind! And it's great not having those teetering piles.... you won't miss them!

The Coffee Lady

I don't buy any. Which is a great sadness to my children, who have had a paper weaving set for two years which requires old magazines, which we never have.

I do flirt with the idea of using said Clubcard vouchers to subscribe to Delicious or Good Food, because I get in such a rut sometimes. But I've found stacks of cookbooks in the library, so my children must stare at their paper weaving set in vain.


This year I had to give up all my magazine subscriptions, including the MS Living which I had had since the 80s I think! It just gets too much, I can't throw any away, and I don't want my obituary saying "crushed by a tower of glossy mags." If I had any advice, you clearlly shouldn't listen to it!


wow, i didn't know you went to boarding school - is that still pretty popular in the UK?

right now we are at our last issue of cook's illustrated (for my husband) and Thomas and Friends (for the 7yo). They won't be renewed. I hate the ads in them - and I really can get all the info from the web. I've held onto some of the MS kids backcopies, though!

Mum of Many

Country Living, Ideal Home, The Green Parent and sometimes others. I cant bear to part with them, they sit for a year in their box then move to the basket for another year and sometime in the 3rd year I go through them.


I get CL, and quilting arts, I used to get more and was totally overwhelmed by the piles. I took them to the doctors/dentist/anywhere I could off load them. I keep fave copies, and reread as if they were new xxx


Looks like lots of lovelies to be gone through again and again. Perhaps Freecycle is an option ...


I'm hyperventilating not only at your covetworthy collection of magazines, but at the new titles coming soon. I feel further magazine subscriptions coming on. Thanks for sharing!


Oh, Blueprint magazine! How I loved it - i think it was the best magazine I've ever read. I've kept every copy, of course...
I get the US Martha magazine on subscription, and buy the odd copy of Real Simple when I see it. My mother always buys Country Living so I'm covered on that front. I keep all the Martha magazines, but lately I've gone through old copies of Real Simple, Readymade and Budget Living (another classic that bit the dust) and cut out the bits I want to keep. I have a folder with sections which I've dropped them all into, so that doesn't take up much space. But then there are two (alright, three) shelves of back issues. I like to consider it as a library, which makes it feel less like clutter.


Twinkle and Jackie were two of my favourites too! Unlike my mum who has issues of homes and antiques going back more than a decade, I've never been a magazine hoarder, I just recycle them within a month or two.


I subscribed to martha forever, but then they started recycling ideas and even photos a bit too much and I got annoyed. I've saved a bunch of them (and will never part with MSkids and MSbaby) and I have them organized by month in magazine holders. When I get ichy for a magazine I take out this month's box and go through it. I can't find any magazine I really want to subscribe to anymore: domino, craft, cookie all bit the dust when I had subscriptions and there isn't much left. I want to know why I can't subscribe to Stitch. It's awesome and I would pay them good money for it!


I'm about to give up on the Hallowed Country Living as every cover seems now the same let alone the content. You can't really beat Good Housekeeping and Woman and Home for good old everything you need, and they seem to have been muchly influenced by CL of late!


Your pile looks remarkably familiar to one around here somewhere. Hooray for magazines which are not celebrity diet driven!!

(I too am a fan of Real Simple and am curious about the UK price on the cover when the only place in the UK I ever see it is Selfridges)

Anyway, I have a sneaky suspicion that at least one new subscription will be taken out as a result of this post - thank you!

Karen J

You just told us about those new mags so you wouldn't have to be alone in your addiction, didn't you!! You can feel better if we all do it too!
Shame on you!!lol (but thanks for the heads up!!!!!)


my mum is currently forcing me to make a decision on what to do with my vogues which date back to 1989 and sit in her house...just like you i was at boarding school and my pocket money all went on them! i have since dipped into just about every magazine going. the latest one i picked up was oh comely http://www.ohcomely.co.uk i find it so hard to cull and end up getting lost in reading them again when i try to do a sort out. i shall never part with my ms baby ones...even bought a few on ebay to complete the set a few years back. currently no subscriptions though. i try to be good and then end up throwing a red in to the trolley when i do the groceries. really liking jamie's one lately. quite often i sneak a trial offer for 3 magazines then cancel. quite an expensive hobby...in fact i have set myself a thrifty september challenge not to buy any. (but can rely on my free one from waitrose!) my mum always passes her easy living on to me which i quite like. the face was my favourite at college : ) phew...what an epic comment but you touched a topic that is dear to my heart ali!!! x


Very intrigued by the two new magazines. Will definitely have a look.

And this is where I have to admit I have all 15 years of Martha Stewart Living (and Martha Baby and Martha Kids) filed in binders by month on my bookcase. Luckily G is very tolerant of my Martha addiction :)

K x


Haha -- I'm not even in England and I'll bet I can guess which subscription didn't get renewed! I've cut way back -- only subscribing to MS Living now. But I keep buying quilting magazines at the bookstore. It's awful. I have piles in the basement. Please let us know if you find the culling-out secret!


Keep the Blueprint! I adore that magazine and I have tried to part with mine but I just can't. That is one magazine I wish they started back. I rip out a page or two out of my MSL that I like or need for a recipe or craft idea. Then I try and give them away on craigslist or to a school that can use them for arts and crafts. (If you give fashion mags to schools make sure to flip through and get rid of racy pages or nudity!) If not, they head to the recycling center.

Gabriele Agustini

This is my first time here and I'm really enjoying your blog!
I buy fashion, craft and exercise magazines.
The ones I no longer want, I give to doctors offices and to the gym.


MSUK - oh no, I'm doomed! I used to suscribe when we lived in the US and even though I KNOW it's unachievable it didn't stop me trying to make tiny houses out of old milk cartons.

I try not to buy too many magazines, and I do either pass them on or recycle them. I used to hoard them but the fabric stash took over ;-)


Tough one. I keep a lot more mags than I should. Have cut back now with the kid so I just read old ones. I miss Brit mags! Anything interesting on the recycle pile that you might want to swap? Do let me know :-)

Many A Mickle

I very nearly signed up for the new sewing mag, sight unseen, but decided not to after having got my fingers burned from rushing into a sub to that disappointing nameless one you refer to!!! My magazine habit also started in childhood as I was allowed two each week - Twinkle, Bunty, Jinty, Jackie, Fab 208, Blue Jeans......! A friend buys Grazia and says she gets the same rush of anticipation as she used to get when going to the newsagents to buy Jackie magazine each week!

Petit Filoux

I've subscribed to Making as well, let's hope it's good!!
We've had a subscription to Good Food for a couple of years now, and I get John Lewis/ Waitrose magazines through my boyfriend's mum. So we have quite a pile... none have got thrown so far... I was tempted to make neat little boxes organised by month, but haven't quite got round to that yet - sorry this isn't of much help!

Rachel L

I have something of a magazine habit too! I tend to buy mostly home interiors mags, but am now trying to limit myself to Country Homes & Interiors, and possibly CL too, (if I like the look of the cover!). I used to buy a certain sewing mag too but got rather fed up with it so have stopped that now! Those two new ones sound promising though, I'll be very interested to see what they're like. Regarding hoarding, I'm not too bad, I usually keep them for a month or two and then go through them, ripping out the pages I like and recycling the rest.


I have been enthralled with magazines since I purchased my first issue of Seventeen when I was nine. So enthralled that I eventually earned a journalism degree and worked in the biz for a while. My family jokes that I enter a grocery store and immediately gravitate to the magazine section, as if drawn by a magnetic force.

I have an entire shelf filled with nearly every Victoria magazine ever published; my husband saves MSL for the recipes. I also can't bear to part with my (British edition) Country Living mags, which incidentally require a drive to the city to obtain. Other recent faves: Living Crafts, Hobby Farm Home, Nature's Garden and (heh) Homeopathy Today. Those that I don't keep I drop off at the local library's freebie mag bin for somebody else to enjoy...


I have bought far too many wedding magazines and in a few week's time will be looking for someone to pass them onto. It scares me how much money I must have spent on them.

We have a subscription to Country Living and I've got also been a sucker for Making and will no doubt add MSL when it arrives here later in the month. I've always had to beg people going to the US to bring me a copy back and now I won't have to any longer - yay! x


All this magazine talk is making my mouth water! I have been cutting down over the past couple of months and it's not been too painful - although I still keep an eye on the magazines in the shops - as I found I didn't have enough time to read books any more. But I'm always open to new titles so may give them a go!

Chloe Patricia

Hello Ali, I do not subscribe magazines. Instead I prefer to visit to the bookstore and buy what caught my eyes. I used to hoarded whole magazines but I have been trying to reduce the papers in my house and I scan the pages I would like to keep instead. It works fine for me since I rarely find a magazine which I would like to keep as a whole nowadays. Chloe Patricia


Oh Ali... how good to know I'm not the only one with a magazine hoarding habit (I keep all the Sunday supplements too) and I don't have the excuse of boarding school. Off to check your links to those two new ones....


Oh I'm a magazine-aholic too, endlessly searchign for inspiration. I buy tons of interiors ones but it will always be CL which reigns supreme. I'm also a sucker for a beautiful one called the English Garden that I can never resist.

My answer to cope with the piles (and to stop the husband moaning) is to cut out the images and recepies I find most inspiring and I put them together in an old fashioned scrapbook in sort of my ultimate magazine spread pages. http://curlewcountry.blogspot.com/2009/09/summer-lingers.html

I must confess though that I am a hopeless crafter so it the hobby that would take up my time if only I wasn't completely incabable of crocheting.

Wonderful blog, really enjoy it.

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I just came across this and loved your idea of focusing on a different aspect for each day of the week! Thank you so much for sharing this and allowing us to copy it as well! I think this will be a lovely addition to our morning prayer time as well!

French Knots

I see no problem with hoarding magazines, I have CL going back about 20 years! If the bookcase fell over I'd certainly be squashed by them all. I still have some old Twinkle dolls and the little cut out clothes squirreled away upstairs, they remind me of my excitement when Mum bought Twinkle for me and we'd carefully cut out the dolls after reading it together.
Some mags like Red or Good Food which I buy now and then are not saved, well apart from the bits that catch my eye and are torn out for the tottering pile of interesting pages!


its good to know that i'min such great company - although i am at the moment trying to cut down - i have a weakness for CL, Sew and a some quilting magazines - Homespun is a favourite!



Pssst... I'm a secret magazine hoarder too. They are something that I find really difficult to throw away. I have a coffee table that is buckling under the weight of probably 30+...


I live in Ireland and magazines are expensive and the nice ones hard to come by! there was one shop out near where my husband works that stocked blueprint, and i made him go in and get it for me. i also like m.st. living, although always found the ideas not suited to the size of irish houses!! will keep a look out for the UK version
I sometimes buy 'easy living', a nice glossy without too much 'how to get that dream guy' articles in it!
i'd love marie claire idees, but haven't been able to find it in any shop or subscription website...
i used to keep stacks of magazines, but manages to keep it tono more than 10 or 15 now. I keep some, very few, articles, I give most of my magazines to my friend Cath, who reads them, cuts out some things for her look books, and then passes them on to her mum, who reads them too and tries the recipes! I'm nearly sure they go on to somebody else from there. I'm happy to let them go knowing they get lots of use. I find it harder to part with craft magazines though...


I use to read Bunty. That was the only magazine/comic that I was aloud to buy. Magazines were a luxury when I was growing up, my husband buys me knitting/craft magazines when I'm ill or had a hard week at work so I only have a few. I have a lot of books though (my Dad worked for a book publisher so everything was discounted) which is just as bad.

Good luck with your tidying up.


Sadly, I can be of no help to you on this subject... I have been trying for years to reduce my towering piles of magazines. I've got reams of them in magazine files on my bookshelves, in files behind my couch when I ran out of shelf space, and now in big stacks in my living room/den and my bedroom. It seems that every time I carry several bags of magazines and other papers out for recycling pick-up, the empty space they leave in my apartment gets filled again in about 30 seconds flat!


And I can tell you I've still got every issue of Martha Stewart Living from February 1992 to the present day, not to mention all issues of Domino and Blueprint. I don't see myself ever giving up any of these, at least not willingly. I dream of having enough living space to have a room completely devoted to magazine storage and reading. That would be beside my more traditional library of books :)

lucy locket

I haven't had any magazine subscriptions for a while now - but I do still seem to buy Country Living fairly regularly. Was it a certain stitchy magazine that you regret subscribing to by any chance??

I'm off to look at the two new suggestions - especially as I have birthday money to spend!

Lucy xx


I am so with you! I had kept every magazine I had ever bought, and it was actually getting kind of ridiculous. Most of them I was never even looking through. I had done the same thing, and stopped subscribing for awhile, but it didn't take care of the mountains I already had! So last spring I recycled almost everything. I now keep folders that I file recipes from magazines in, and I have a few other things planned for magazine pages I've kept. But by storing them that way, I get rid of any part of the magazine I don't actually use. Takes up less space. :) I have a blog post planned on that, actually. I'll have to get to it.
Anyway, now I get Real Simple, which I clip things from, and Martha Stewart Living and Marie Claire Idees. They are the only two that I keep whole. But if I keep my subscriptions, I'll be drowning under a big pile of magazines again!


Oh my goodness I understand completely! I must have 7 file boxes worth of magazines and that is after I threw out 2 boxes of Cosmos and Marie Claire 3 years ago! I currently subscribe to Martha Stewart Living, Better Homes and Gardens and Parents but that doesn't stop me from picking up Country Living, Real Simple, Everyday with Rachel Ray or another random magazine if I happen to like it. And its gotten even worse since I got engaged: have you seen the available bridal magazines! I still have no idea how I'm going to get rid of what I have (I hate throwing stuff out) and develop self-restraint to avoid buying extra magazines to begin with!


I had an annual subscription to Country Living from the mid eighties for about 10 years, and I still have all of them. I am not as brave as you are and really cannot 'toss'. Even when my recently returned son had a Beano and Dandy throw out, I rescued them with the intention of leaving them by the gate for the passing schoolchildren to pick up ..but as yet ..even though term has started, they are still behind the front door.

Alice C

It is called Disposophobia. I know...because I suffer from it too.


oh it is soooo good to know I am not alone in this addiction. At one point I declared to hubby and girls that it would probably be 'death by magazines'!!! I subscribe to CL, have stopped my subscription to Good Housekeeping as I just got fed up with celebrities all the time. I also love Cloth, paper Scissors and the expensive ones from the US from Stampington! As for Martha Stewart Living - I used to get my friends to send these from the US and they were such treasures. I have bought a few here as they are now in my local WH Smith but a UK version - Wow! I have a cull every now and again but want a system that allows me to see copies rather than hoarding them under the bed!!!!! thanks for sharing!


Hi Ali, I am sooo pleased I have stumbled across this post! And I wish you could see the side of my bed, and sofa, as it would help you realise that you are not alone!
I am a magazine fetishist. Seriously, I probably buy about 8 a month, maybe 10. And about 2 years ago I bought myself four spiral bound A4 coloured pages Paperchase scrapbooks. So now, every month or so (usually after a pile has come crashing down and physically harmed someone) I sit on the floor, surrounded, with a pair of scissors in one hand, and a pritt stick in the other. I cut out recipes and foodie inspiration for home in one, recipes and ideas for the cafe into another, things to make in a third, and interiors pictures/inspirational ideas/ hints and tips in the 4th. I also write down websites and contacts of various things of interest in the back pages so I can refer back to them when I need to.
I flick through the homes and interiors book often as it really makes me smile.
When I am convinced there is nothing left in the magazine that is of use I recycle them.
Hope that helps! (if you haven't died of boredom by now...!)


I heart magazines too. I keep all of my Martha ones and rip the pages I want out of the other ones. Otherwise I would be crushed by magazines. It's already not good that Martha will have a UK version. Hopefully I can get my hands on that!

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