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19 August 2010


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I'm so glad you are having such a wonderful summer. And that is the second place I have seen in blogland today that I want to see before I am an old crone!


Looks like you have had two lovely holidays this summer - both looked like very relaxing, peaceful breaks.

And you still have a little bit of home time left. I remember those return to school shoe buying trips. Don't you think adults should be entitled to them too?! x

The Coffee Lady

Very glad to hear it.


How lovely, I lived in Jersey many moons ago and had some wonderful, memorable times in Sark, it's a very special place. Love your photos.


It looks really beautiful! I went to a car free island in Greece last year and it was just so amazing to hear the mules clip-clopping their way up the paths....I can understand why you feel you've been away for ages!


It looks wonderful Ali! Enjoy the rest of the summer! x


It sounds and looks like an amazing place!


oh, that's beautiful. i love the font on that sign.

French Knots

You choose some amazing places to go on holiday! It looks very peaceful and restful.

We are squeezing in another trip next week to make the most of the last bit of the summer holidays.


what a perfect holiday to truly get away! Enjoy the rest of the summer.


Oh that looks and sounds like the most wonderful place! Such a gorgeous garden. And I love the idea of bicycling without worrying about traffic. Were you tempted by the For Sale sign?! K x


Beautiful pictures, Ali! They make me want to take the next train to Sark, a place I'd never heard of before. Oh, that garden! I am now officially enchanted by the notion of an outdoor room and feel I must have one in my backyard. Off to go build ...



Heavens -- sounds idyllic! Love the dreamy photo of the bike.


The lackk of traffic and noise sounds like one of the best parts.

Was there any seaglass in the end?

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