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01 July 2010


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This is like two posts in one - vibrant quilted (quilted!) picnic blanket and mouthwatering parcels filled with apricot-ish sausagey goodness. I think that filling would work in puff pastry instead of sausagement. I'm going to give it a go. Fabulous.


I love the picnic blanket, Maxi's is the week after next, but much lower key. I still am thinking about making a blanket though


you English people take your picnics far too seriously. don't get me started on the bbq either.

The first time I went to an open air classical concert I couldn't believe it!!! people had tables with tablecloths and china plates or those absurdly heavy baskets full of knick knacks...

What's wrong with soggy sandwiches in tin foil?


Lovely picnic blanket. The whole gaz-bo thing, as we call them, is awkward at a picnic -- too much work.

Our favorite foods are mostly on sticks, fruit, vegetables, left over grilled stuff from the night before. And of course, marshmallows.

Liza the Blogless

PS Mark knows what is important in life.


ooh lovely.
I'm all for flasks of tea at picnics, guess I assume the worst of the weather x

UK lass in US

Well, Mark is right: it is great.

Americans take gazebos just to watch the 5 year olds' football (soccer) games, so you can imagine the 'picnics': tables, tableclothes, plates serving plates, glasses... you name it. Then my little lot trudge along with an old army poncho liner to sit on and, well, some dull old sandwiches...


Picnic break in a sports day?! Your school must be posh! The kids at ours just get a jug of juice and plastic cups! We are thinking of selling strawberry cream teas to raise money though.
I went to a 40th birthday picnic at the weekend in Lyme Park.It's a beautiful National Trust place in the Peak District. We were very grand then and had bucks fizz and everything!

Many A Mickle

Our most frequent kind of picnic takes place on the living room floor and consists of plastic fruit and veg and a plastic tea set, with teddy as guest of honour. So much easier!


well done for getting it finished in time - a perfect picnic rug to knock spots of all others! Sounds like it was a rather competitive event though and not only on the sports field! I do love picnics and we have lots over summer - the picnic contents are rather changeable but we always make sure we have some sausage rolls.


Wow the rug looks beautiful, and hurrah for enthusiastic little boys! I must admit, the picnic break and take-along gazebos on sports day all sound a bit much!


Oh I think the fabulous blanket absolutely wins outright, the food and any gazebo business definitely come second place to your finery and as for Mark, bless his little heart.


Top points to Mark for his lovely comment... and he's right. Who needs a fancy picnic when you've got such a stylish rug. (The binding looks great)

French Knots

Goodness, competitive picnicing, well it's better then competing in the 800m relay! Your lovely blanket should get lots of use if this super weather continues.


Yes Top score to your son, the blanket is wonderful , well done!!


Nothing fancy for us - the only speciality is boiled eggs from our own chickens which always makes me feel virtuous. And then I go and spoil it by drinking lager disguised in a posh mug!! Love the blanket.

Scented Sweetpeas

Blimey a gazebo, ours wash rather down-market compared to that thank goodness :-) Aren't kids fab at promoting you - so proud :-)


Homemade tabouleh! But only have Irish tweed blanket to eat it off- not homemade! Last week I rolled down to P1's open afternoon playing with outdoor equipment for any mums or dads who wanted to see. Foolishly didn't even think of changing from slightly sweaty normal day wear and strolled down from housework tasks. Such a big mistake. And my fresh little linen dress would actually have been more than available, should I have thought to take it off its hanger!!

lucy locket

Oh help! I'd be a totally failure in the picnic stakes! Mark was clearly a complete star! And now I'm off to investigate your picnic parcels, Lucy x


Wow - that one gesture by Mark is worth a hundred approving assessments from the posh parents, isn't it? Bless him! Of course, I'm inclined to agree with him - the picnic blanket does look lovely.

As for me, I feel like a domestic goddess if I can convince my husband to place HIS picnic food offerings into a vintage picnic hamper with cloth napkins instead of some random plastic bag. Extra points if we sit on a quilt instead of the hideous faded old blue bedspread that he had in college... (P.S. Gazebos? Snort!)


Quiche, quiche and more quiche is my picnic staple! But I have become a dab hand at making that delicious nutty rice salad that Monica brought along to the Make Lounge.

And one teasing little photo of your picnic quilt is NOT enough to satisfy me!


Well done Mark! :)


lovely blanket! i have one of those free advertisers, too, Emm showed everybody her new mummy-made doll yesterday...

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