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09 July 2010


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Have a good break.

Look forward to seeing you again when you get back; refreshed, bright-eyed, bushy-tailed etc etc :)


Oh we'll miss you but you put it beautifully. Enjoy your interlude.


Enjoy your break Ali. I am supposed to be on a break too but just keep returning! My comments fall right down during the summer months and I sometimes wonder if anyone is reading at all!!! I love the photo above with the geraniums. My geraniums this year are a rather wishy washy pink!


enjoy your break and your summer with your boys x


Ali, enjoy your blogiday!


Oh no not another of my favs having a break! What will I do to fill the gaps on these lazy summer days? Ah well I'll just have to sun bathe.
See you in autumn. x


I'll miss you with my morning coffee but enjoy! I'll look for you again in the fall.


Boo hoo! Guess I'll have to discover your archives...

(Have a wonderful summer.)


Enjoy your break!


Enjoy your break. We'll all be here when you come back!

little pink room

Enjoy your break! I think I'll do what others are planning and start catching up on your archives... Looking forward to your return. Ax


Be waiting right here when your break is over. Have a great summer with the boys!


Have no fear, it's perfectly healthy to take a break and focus on other things for a while. Whenever I do it, I'm always drawn back eventually. Enjoy!

PS I will be in with my parents in Wiltshire for two weeks in August...would love the chance to meet up for a cup of tea perhaps...

lucy locket

Have a lovely break Ali - but we will miss you! Lucy x


It's good to take a break now and then and summer is the perfect time - it's much better to be out and about doing things. Looking forward to hearing all about your summer adventures when the children go back to school - have fun, J x


enjoy the break - just don't stay away too long.

UK lass in US

Have a great summer!

The Coffee Lady

Enjoy your break. I have things to say to you though; about your unfailing quality and your constant bar-raising for the rest of us.


Enjoy the summer with your family and friends - I look forward to catching up with all you've done when you're good and ready!


Have a cool summer and enjoy, I will still be reading and waiting


Have a wonderful summer!


Have yourselves a wonderful summer! Long may the sun shine, T x

Alice C

Do less and live more.
Sending you smiles

French Knots

Have a wonderful family summer. But make sure you come back in the autumn!

painted fish studio

happy summer! we'll be here when you get back.


Have a wonderful summer. The weather makes the days feel even longer. Cat x


Have a wonderful break! Still just over a week of school to go for us. I am SO ready to stop for a while.


Enjoy all your summer busyness, make lots of happy memories.
Lisa x


Hope you are enjoying your break.


Hope you have a wonderful summer with your boys and enjoy your break.



have a lovely holiday, ali!
enjoy your summer!


Have a wonderful, wonderful break. You will be missed! x

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