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06 June 2010


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It looks wonderful - that glasshouse is huge!


It's years since I've been to Kew. What an amazing place it is!


I've never made it to Kew sadly...thanks for sharing your day.


looks delightful - that walkway is amazing!

and i know what you mean. even our favorite daytrip haunts are just hard to schedule sometimes.


I can't believe that I've lived in or close to London virtually all my life and have never visited Kew. Time to visit some of those places on my "to do" list I think!


I have an ever expanding list of must do sometime, but my weekends and evenings are always swallowed up in i don't know what. Aside from this weekend - this weekend we went to the zoo.

Kew is lovely. Haven't been for a few years and then it was spring so there's an argument for another three visits at least.


I must go! Like you I have had it down 'on the list' for ages..


We used to go to Kew a lot when we lived Down South and Maxi was tiny. We will put it on our list for when they are bigger

Karen J

Looks like you had a great day!! I better not show my boys that picture of the walkway - or my DH either!! Not until I sort out when we can go - I hate being nagged!!!


Oh cool! I've never been to Kew. Now I realise I only had the vaguest of ideas what it looked like... I don't think it is quite what I was expecting...


I love Kew Gardens! I wasn't too crazy about going on the treetop walkway - I got motion sickness!!! The boys look so happy. I am glad that you all enjoyed a grand day out!


Kew is one of those places that has been on our "to visit" list for an utter age too, we will get there one day. Certainly looks as though you all had a fab day!


It was so fab to bump into you--even if only for a minute! And I know just what you mean about that 'must do sometime' list. Tracy and I purchased Kew memberships this year so we'd be sure to make the time to visit!

K x

Sew Create It - Jane

What a perfect outing to go with the perfect weather we had for half term! Glad the rain waited to show up this week!


OOO Kew. I never realsied it was so big.. I have never been there and I used to live so close to London. It does look a wonderfully tranquil place. Your boys looked so at home there. Thank you for sharing your day, it looks like you guys had a fabulous time xx


what a perfect day! We've not been to Kew for years - we better plan a visit because that walkway looks fab!


What a glorious day you had and such great photos! I remember being dragged to Kew as a child but it looks so much more appealing now than to my seven year old eyes! Must visit myself!


How lovely!! I visited many years ago and had been away from Australia for some time. I'll never forget walking into one of the greenhouses filled with Australian plants - the smell was just amazing and made me quite homesick for a bit. It really is a fantastic place and it looks like the boys loved it.

Jacqui Dodds

Hmmm I think if I said to my husband and daughter let's go to Kew Gardens they wouldn't be very keen! Thanks to your photos it looks wonderful to explore - must have a day out there now!


Thanks for sharing this wonderful day out.. I have never been there, must go one day :-)

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