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24 June 2010


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amanda makes

Oh you make me laugh! I love the colour you chose for your tunic...It looks great! Lots of love, Amanda xxx


the shirt looks fantastic! and I just tried to get my man to take photos of me for the ol' blog and it was a total disaster. I think a tripod is in order.


I have this pattern on my 'to make' list, so popping over now to read your review!

And G and I go through some of the same trauma photographing knitting and sewing projects for the blog!

K x


Great review. Sleeves are my nemesis too, so your comment about one taking four attempts made me feel better! You look great by the way but I totally understand the "make me look fabulous" sentiment! I do like this pattern, but have reservations about the gape at the bust annoying me - maybe I'll give it at a try.


I love the fabric you have chosen for your tunic and great review too. My husband takes most of my photos for my blog as well as my daughter, but they are actually better than me.

Also thanks for link to Backstitch, will definately have a look.


UK lass in US

Looks great! I've always wanted to give that pattern a try, but have the suspicion that it would look awful on me (bust shaping / needing an undershirt / the length).

Your husband did a much better job than mine. I asked him once to take a picture: he took one and it was out of focus. Then he looked at me as if I was crazy for wanting to waste his time when I asked him to take another...


Oh what fun, it looks lovely. Great colour choice.

And love that image in the post below.


nice top, well done! as for photos - there's a reason i am always behind the camera for my blog ...


looks like a lovely pattern - you do make me wish I was better at sewing! I know what you mean about husbands doing photoshoots - I think you've got the perfect solution though!


I love the colour, it's perfect for summer and you look tanned in the photo which really shows it off well.
Well done.

French Knots

It looks great, despite your photographer, and the colour is fabulous. I keep thinking about making clothes but was put off by making a seven gored skirt at school!

Alice C

Sheesh...had a panicky moment reading that first sentence...


I am going to be making my first ever thing for me, a skirt soon. I am off to read your review now, Oh and I adore the colour Ali


I would die of happiness if you made your hubby model the tunic. Pleeeeeeze?

Meanwhile, it looks darn cute on you.

P.S. Tired of those lace-up wellies yet??? Just asking...


It looks gorgeous Ali - such a lovely summery colour! I asked hubby to take photos for one of my apron patterns - he had no clue. I ended up taking one of him to show him how I should look. It worked - I was very happy with the result!!


Lovely stylish top, can see why you you chose it and a really zingy summer colour too, just right for showing off any smooth summer tan!
Lisa x


Looks good to me... you and the tunic!


I too have this pattern and am about to go fabric shopping so thank you hugely about the 'voile'.


Fabulous review. I was tempted by this but was nervous about how it might look on an, ahem, larger lady. Your comment about the lack of bust shaping has convinced me not to bother, though it looks very flattering on you! ;-)

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