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05 May 2010


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Gorgeous fabric choice Ali. And you're right the Barcelona pattern is easy to whip up - perfect summer skirts.


Oh, so cute. Nice boots too, Mrs.


it looks great! i have the same fabric in a different colorway waiting to be made into a skirt too.


it is fabulous!

UK lass in US

It's gorgeous

Tch, blog reading keeps making me feel tempted to attempt a skirt. Even though I have some skirts in the wardrobe gathering dust...


really lovely, although for me it would have to a be a lot longer, like no leg showing at all - well it wouldnt do for anyone to see the thermals underneath - it's still soooooooo cold here.......


I love the fabric it works really well, shows the print of lovely.
Do you put a lining in? Cheers


Completely stunning.
How wonderful to have such a pretty handmade item in your wardrobe.
Lisa x


fabulous. a very happy skirt!


Oh I love it. I must try and make something for me. I have not attempted clothes yet, you might inspire me

The List Writer

The perfect match with that top, and those boots, and that garden. Very, very nice.

Petit Filoux

Very cool!

amanda makes

Oh dear....I can feel another skirt coming on! It's gorgeous! Love, Amanda xxx


Gorgeous. And a definite sign of spring if you can wear it with bare legs!


looking good - the perfect skirt for that gorgeous fabric. Wish I felt brave enough to attempt a zip!


I am so on the verge of attempting to make myself something to wear! This may well be the final push - it's gorgeous!


Now THAT is a fabulous skirt. Bravo!

Many A Mickle

That's gorgeous fabric. I've made one of those Barcelona skirts (although not actually worn it yet) in a quilting fabric. I put in the lining as per the instructions but I'm not convinced it is really necessary. Do you bother? Any advice please?!

little pink room

I love that fabric! What a perfect fit too. A x

Lucy Locket-Pocket

It's gorgeous Ali! L x


Love love love that skirt. Fabulous. Well done you.


Well done, the skirt looks wonderful! It goes really nicely with the boots as well. xxx


Gorgeous skirt - really lovely. I'm off to check out that pattern right now.


It looks fabulous and so sassy with the boots!

The Coffee Lady

It's very pretty, and goes really well with those boots. Applause.


Really gorgeous. Fab legs too!!!


Oooh, lovely. There's nothing like an A line skirt in fabulous fabric to cheer you up!


It's fabulous... very springlike and looks great on you!


It's a stunner. Is this too complicated for a relative beginner do you think? Val's tutoring me with the sewing. I've got a long way to go but this is the kind of number I'd give my eye teeth for.


Fabulous! Such a gorgeous fabric and perfect fit! Must try the Barcelona skirt pattern now...

K x

French Knots

Love the skirt, the boots, the fabric! Just right look for sunny spring days.xx


gorgeous - i used to buy lots of skirts like this but now my sewing mojo is firing on all cylinders I off to order that pattern. (was that too many metaphors?)


Beautiful! I really love the fabric! Cx

Fancy Elastic

Love it!

...and the link ;)



So cute! It looks fantastic on you.

Magic Bean

I like it. A lot. And I have a teeny bit of boot envy going on. Wish I was on better terms with my sewing machine.


gorgeous! x


That fabric is gorgeous, it makes a lovely skirt.


Looks great! And it matches your gorgeous boots perfectly! Well done.

Aussie Mum

What a beautiful skirt - perfect for springtime!


Your wearing my favorite get-up! Skirt with boots. I wear that combo all the time. Love the fabric chose...cute skirt.

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