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02 May 2010


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I'm always in awe of photographers who make hot dishes actually look hot... Mine always seem to look rather unappetising and cold, for some reason.

Btw, now I fancy a cupcake...


I am so with you on this, Drew thinks nothing of me photographing it all now, but the boys make me so happy with food. I made cakes and buscuits with them this morning for our picnic, there are now bic's left now.

little pink room

I must have a listen. Feeling very uninspired recently. It might move me along a bit. A x

UK lass in US

I usually don't want photographic evidence to exist of my culinary efforts. Luckily my daughter is only old enough to care that her birthday cake tasted ok, and not to question why the bottom half had broken in two...

I want a cupcake now.


yep, cupcake desire has kicked in here too - thanks to your delicious photos! Can't think of a better way to document family life.


You have just reminded me how much I loved those Shaun the Sheep cupcakes. Must get round to making some myself.....


I always want a cupcake! Your selection does look pretty yummy though.

Most of my 'real life' friends are not bloggers so don't understand my desire to constantly photograph food before I eat it. My husband has got quite used to it though!


Funny, I have just been making iced cupcakes with the intention of photographing them for my blog. The cakes look great but the pictures don't. That's what you get for making something simply to photograph it and not for the simple pleasure of pleasing your family!


yes, those cupcakes have an effect on me too!

stop it now.


So which photo are you submitting?


Oooh must have a listen to this! But sadly there isn't enough light in our kitchen for photographs. So must continue to hold the cupcake out the window or run downstairs to the front of the building--so embarrassing!

French Knots

Cakes always look so tempting so are appealing to photograph, when I take a picture of a stew or something like that it just looks like sludge!
Don't get drawn into too much cleaning, it only gets messy again!


Oooh, it makes me want a cupcake right now too! They looks fabulous. Thanks for the link!


Oh thanks for the link - will enjoying listening! I agree, I enjoy taking pictures of what I make/eat as part of the documentation of the small things in life that make me happy. Those cupcakes do indeed look very yummy!


Hmmm. Food photography wouldn't work in this house - my husband's comment last night was that it looked like I had thrown the food onto the plate. And to be honest, I had to agree though I did suggest he might like to try serving it up next time ...

I can't have cupcakes for breakfast, much as your pictures are making me want to.

Sew Create It - Jane

Thanks for the link.. Your cupcakes look delicious!

I must admit I've thought of taking pictures of my dinner, but like you I'm too eager to dig in! LOL


well, baking photos are SO pretty and sweet usually.

you know i've been taking photos of the fam's lunches lately, and sometimes i do it for dinner for a joint food blog with my siblings.

and there IS something about food photos - it's good to do it sometimes.

now off to scrub my kitchen...


perhaps because the beauty of what we have made only lasts momentarily before being consumed and gone forever. taking food photos of dinner is difficult when you have a family and the evening light isn't so good.

i've always loved your cupcakes.


hi there,

Can you tell me where to buy the fancy paper cases?

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