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01 April 2010


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Congrats on the four years, I really enjoy coming here. I wonder the same thing about whether our family is extra good at keeping a chaotic house, glad to know I'm not alone.


Congratulations on four years - I made three last week and it passed me by so there, you're already more organised than I am!

And I'll see your mucky house and raise you one that's not only untidy but has wallpaper half off the bedroom wall where our smaller child started peeling it 18 months ago and we haven't yet replaced it. I'll pretend it's all about being busy rather than simply lazy on my part ...


4 years is quite a stretch! Glad you've been around though.


wow... I think I'll hit that milestone sometime in the summer... congratulations!

And I love your image of blogging as framing one's life. It's exactly right. Exactly 'it'.

Thank you my friend, and a big cheers for many many more to come.


Happy Bloggy Birthday!
And it's not just your lot, I think we all live in a mega mess most of the time. I like to think that family life is messy but fun! And I too haven't been able to 'think in a straight line' for a very long time! x


Happy Birthday, well bloggy birthday. I love that my blog is my way of clarrifying all the things that are important to me. It stops me infecting everyday life sometimes.


Happy four years Ali! I agree with you that blogging seems to put a framework around our chaotic lives. On my blog I like to think that I come across as organised, logical and sane! In reality I doubt that I am any of those!!! I hope that you will be in blogland for many more years. Yours is among the first blogs I ever read. You are very supportive with your comments and encouraging new bloggers.x


'Trouble with Lichen.' Awesome book . I haven't read it in 20 years, but I'm sure I still have my old copy lurking on the shelves.


Happy Anniversary to your big beautiful blog! What a fun way to celebrate!


Happy Four, Ali! x


4 cheers to 4 years!


Happy 4th birthday! I love your lists - and don't worry my house is a complete tip and I live alone - something to do with spending the last "4" weekends away and not having washed dishes for "4" days!


Hip hip hooray! 4 years is quite something. Those books sound great - I'll look forward to hearing what you think of The Year of Magical Thinking - I've got it but haven't read it, but Slouching Towards Bethlehem, which I have read, is just wonderful. She writes such beautiful prose.

I completely agree that blogging gives a framework to life. I value it tremendously. Also, I often find that when I come to blog about what I've done over the past day/week/month, even though at first I think 'eesh, what am I going to write, I've done nothing interesting or remotely worth sharing, this is going to be tricky...', I realise I've been lots of places and done lots of things, really, but I'd just let them all merge into one great conglomerative mass. Having a reason to draw them back out into individual events, once more, and to pin them down into coherence, as you say.

I enjoy your lists very much; thanks for sharing them with us! Here's to the next 4.


Hearty congrats, from one rag bag of miscellanea to another. Wow, you're seriously an old-timer in Blogland!

(A few things: my husband loved the M. Wizenberg book; I organized the garbage this morning in my nightgown but made my firstborn haul it outside; my house gets even dirtier than yours (I'm sure of it); and I have no earthly idea of what one might do during a child-free week, but am eager to learn.)


And I am a dork who places parentheses inside of other parentheses. Sigh.


Four years? Goodness. I'm not sure I knew what a blog was in 2006. The first time I heard about this whole business a political blogger was discussing the process on the radio. I remember thinking 'But why???'. Now I know. Yours is a favourite place, always to be visited with a small sigh - like having an extra delicious cup of tea (or should that be Chai?).


Congrats on reaching your 4th blogaversary.
Your comment re: the dustbin made me smile. I could always be spotted running after our dustmen in my pajamas on a Wednesday morning when we lived in York. It entertained the neighbours nodoubt :0)
Happy Easter.


Happy Birthday!
I love the way blogging makes you think about the better aspects of life (which in my opinion is 80% drudge, 20% pleasure/joy.) So for me it has made me reflect on the things that make me happy and the 20% has probably grown a bit as a result.


Four things I like about your blog:
Its clean lines
Its very clear thinking
Its reflective take on everything, but especially bloggism
The photos!

Here's to the next four years!

French Knots

Congratulations, I enjoy visiting and reading your take on life. When we are all old(er)and grey(er) the moments frozen in time will be there to remind us of busy, messy years.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us over the last four years and for so eloquently putting into words what it means to be a mother juggling a busy life. Oh, and your beautiful photography too. Have a lovely Easter break x


hey there,

I've never subscribed to blogs. The process of 'how to' hurts my brain and the idea of having lots of subscriptions waiting to be opened doesn't work for me.

So just now I typed in my URL 'domesticali' and without actually looking I clicked on the blog-spot site instead of the new typepad site by mistake. I clicked on to here, but noted the date of that old blog space of yours and saw 2007. And I thought to myself before reading your post about the whole 4 year thing, how many years I have dropped on over to say hi and see what you are up to.

I think we stared at a similar time too.

I hope that you are still enjoying blogging Ali, and hope to see you continue as I love coming here and seeing what you have been up to.


Lucy Locket-Pocket

Four years? Fabulous! Lucy x

Scented Sweetpeas

Wow four years, well done! Just wanted to say your house isn't the only messy house, I quite honestly give up trying to keep mine tidy.

Rattling On

Congratulations on 4 years of blogging!

And, yes, other houses do get that dirty. Speaking for ours...

little pink room

Congratulations! Here are four things I like about your blog.

1. It is very, very well written.
2. I get very excited when I see a new post loading on the page... your blog is addictive.
3. Maybe you don't think in a straight line, but that's boring anyway. Your posts are always thoughtful and clever.
4. Your photographs are beautiful.

Here's to another four years of Domesticali! A x

UK lass in US

Happy 4th Anniversary.

I'm sitting here in a clean house. I'm only saying that as it will probably be the only time that I get to say that this year - I've got visitors and it took me about 3 DAYS to clean the place ready for their arrival...


Happy Blogiversay :-) 4 years is a great achievement. Here's to another 4 years !!


Happy 4th Blog-a-versary.
Hope you managed to thunk up lots of lovely things to do during your child free week.
Lisa x

Alice C

You said to me recently that we were very lucky with the people that we met when we started blogging. I know that was true for me because your blog was one of the first that I read and then I had the good fortune to meet you and that day stands out as an extremely happy memory.

Thank you for the integrity that you bring to blogging - you set the bar high.

Onwards to the next four years!

Alice C

You said to me recently that we were very lucky with the people that we met when we started blogging. I know that was true for me because your blog was one of the first that I read and then I had the good fortune to meet you and that day stands out as an extremely happy memory.

Thank you for the integrity that you bring to blogging - you set the bar high.

Onwards to the next four years!


happy 4th!!!! i always enjoy stopping by your space ali...i think your blog is pretty much the perfect recipe. all the right ingredients. xX


Happy blog birthday! Four years is so impressive. And you're going to love A Homemade Life. In fact I think you really must read it during your child-free week!

K x

urban craft

here to many more years of blogging, congrats!


Congratulations on four years! I'll match you on the dirty house - I did a thorough clean on my kitchen yesterday and couldn't believe it! As for the effect of children on one's thought processes... I've always called it maternal dementia


Happy Fourth - lovely post - and yes I like the reflection that posting brings - a little space to make some sense of it all


Happy Anniversary Ali!

Does everyone's house get this dirty or are my family extra good at messing ours up?

Ah, yes. I'm one of those people, when I say 'please excuse the mess' I REALLY mean it.


And thank you for sharing them with us. I have been reading your lovely, funny blog for over three years, ever since I first found blogs.

And, by the way I think my family is just as good at creating mess as yours. Just as well we love them so much!


Many congratulations on your four years - quite an achievement! May you long continue!


Happy 4 years!

I am here to tell you that my family is probably messier than yours. I am constantly amazed at the amount of dirt and dust and whatnot that I find all over my house. Can you imagine how dirty houses were before vacuum cleaners and indoor running water?

Fancy Elastic

congratulations! 4 years... gosh. x


happy 4th birthday xxxx


happy 4th birthday to domesticali!
i think that it might be my blog's 4th birthday too. i'm raising my wine glass to you.
i enjoy popping in here to see what you and your family are up to. you are a fab writer.


Congratulations Ali. Your blog was one of the first that made me understand why I might want to read a blog or blog myself. It is always a pleasure to visit. I like everything about your blog and I know that the pleasure and humour with which you write helps me to hold on to the same feelings about my own days


Blogging with fortitude. (Sorry!) Yes. I think you are absolutely right about the framework. The camera lens certainly puts a frame on my day.

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