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26 April 2010


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Make, Do & Send

A traditional butchers has just re opened at the end of my road which is such a treat. We have been making a real effort to support him by buying all out meat there and hope that he stays open. Hes not even particuarally pricey which is great as his sausages and marinated ribs are to die for!

I think the trend might be swinging back to buying from the butchers as people are thinking more about where their food comes from so hopfully they wont keep closing down!


Incredible idea, and I agree with the earlier comment, the trend seems to be (finally!) buying local!


Glad your husband is back safely - definitely a cause for celebration! Your meaty pictures are delicious - funny that we both went for the sausages first!


Food looks yummy. You can always tell a good chicken by its bones, they dont fall apart when making stock!


so glad the wanderer returned bearing gifts! enjoy all those dinners x

Fancy Elastic

mmmm... you've made raw meat look good in a photo. You know this is near impossible?!

A x


Glad your hubby is back safely again! We're eating less and less meat these days, thought that box does look yummy!


That looks fantastic. We don't have a single butcher around here, or a farm that delivers either, so I am very jealous. Those sausages look great.

The Coffee Lady

I do love a butcher. Slightly less than I love a fishmonger, but it's love, all the same.


Oh you lucky duck! That looks like many many lovely dinners. And I'm so glad he's made it home! K x


Our local butcher makes the best sausages. Apparently he originally made up the recipe for his grandson who has numerous food allergies, so they're made of only the good cuts of lean meat.

That chicken sure looks tasty!

Glad to hear the Mr is back safe and sound. Hope you're keeping up the sock service!



our local butcher grows his own beef and lamb and has a slaughter house too, so it is truly local (though not organic)
Enjoy yourselves !


oh wow...

that looks good.

My dog is drooling just looking at the screen!!

Scented Sweetpeas

You certainly can taste the difference when you buy good meat. I was amazed by the difference in taste and even the smell when cooking the meat when we found our local (literally a min down the road) farm and starting buying from them.


Can't agree more that a sausage is the best litmus test for a butcher. I'm drooling and it's 2 hours till lunch. yikes.


I had an email yesterday:
"The budgie has landed"
So glad that your own swallow is back in the nest safely. My guess is that curry might be off the menu for a while.


Yum, yum. Unashamedly carnivorous here too - despite an entire decade earlier in my life as a vegetarian! Gorgeous photos....


Oh yum!


Thanks for the recommendation. With two of us vegetarians I don't buy that much meat but when I do I like it to be good quality. So I've just ordered a box to give it a try!

Petit Filoux

Hmm that chicken does look tasty! Very pleased for you that your husband's finally back! Sodding volcano hey?!


Oh I'm so glad I have access to a top quality butcher who stocks only local meat and whose chicken and pork is all free-range. He has game in season too and fab sausages although yours look superb. Enjoy the rest of your meatbox.
Sue x

Sew Create It - Jane

Those sausages do look good...no wonder the cat was liking his lips.

What a great way to buy meat...it is something I should look into.


I am tempted to order some - the sausages alone look delicious! I was lucky enough to win a parcel from them so I can recommend the steak and ice cream!


I love what you said about watching a butcher do his magic...I almost picked a culinary school to attend based on the fact they had a butchering class (and I was going to go for pastry!). I think it's a fascinating trade and we really don't have it here in the states anymore in any small shop way. Sad.

Yummy Lavender

Mmmmmmmmm! My heart melts for that sandwich...it is so appetising! And I love that you are using real Dijon, it definitely has that kick to it, doesn't it?

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