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22 April 2010


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Real life ins hard. And full of work. I look at my boys and how hard they're working and just long for the long summer breaks when they were little. {Sigh.} It sounds like you had a fun, lazy spring break!


Wonderful photos. The looks of concentration on your boys' faces are so pure and sweet. A lovely, wistful post.


Oh I understand so much. I miss the holiday and look forward to the weekend so much


What a lovely nostalgic post! Do enjoy your languid days. Learning to snatch times of pure relaxed fun and not feel guilty about them afterwards must be one of the best lessons we can teach our children :) (That was my excuse for pj days anyway!)


I feel precisely the same way. I felt almost as forlorn as I did on the first day of the autumn term. And I am horrified at how we've gone from being relaxed to exhausted in just 3 days. That can't be right.


gorgeous photos Ali!!

When is the husband back?

Fancy Elastic

Hurrah for sunny weekends! x


I remember the full-on pressure of school days so well....can't be right, such busy days with such demands when still so young.


It's so hard getting back into it. We had love weather towards the end of the holidays and that really didn't help, we had completely slipped into laid back holiday mood. I love lego and pyjama mornings. Bring on the weekend....


I think it is so important to take time out like that. Life moves at such a fast pace these days. Lovely photos.


I remember those lazy days when my boys were little. Unfortunately nowdays every day seems busy and frantic. Looking forward to Sunday! Lovely photos of your boys.


I know just what you mean about the leisurely pace of the holidays just gone. It was one of the loveliest ever. Roll on tonight - we can claw some of it back.


I know how you feel - my wee guy has gone back to school for his final term of primary 1 and I have been a little tearful all week. I'm hoping for a nice picnic this weekend and more bike practice as the stabilisers came off over Easter! Hope you have a good weekend and next week is easier!

Scented Sweetpeas

:-( I really don't understand why our kiddies have to have so much home work - they are at school all day and then are expected to want to do homework ! i must admit I don't push mine too much, if they don't do it they don't do it. I am a naughty mummy.

French Knots

The rush of school mornings is awful, packed lunches, lost pe kit, is it recorder today, put your shoes on, put your shoes on, put your shoes on. I'm exhausted by 9am never mind the children!
Roll on a sunny weekend!x


Hear, hear!

The Coffee Lady

Hang on? They played lego in their pyjamas? They didn't scream and pull one another's hair?

I want your children.


Hope you're having a lovely weekend and recapturing a bit of that holiday magic. Any word from India? K x


Oh I so agree Ali. I love the slow pace of the holidays and the freedom to go anywhere at any time. I find it such a bore to be tied to the school timetable - nice to know I'm not the only one longing for their children to be out!

Angel Jem

Bah! Homework! Bah! School! Bah! Weekends!

I'd just got used to being off and now they're back. I'd just got used to never having work and this week I had to work 4 days (well, 3.5)
I still have the playroom to clean, though.

Enjoy them while they're young and you still know where they are.


That start-of-term change of pace is a bit of a shock to the system but hopefully you're halfway through enjoying a lovely relaxed weekend - the sun has definitely helped that mood here today.


Hope you've had a lovely weekend :)

Magic Bean

Beautiful thoughtful children- I particularly love the stained arm and hand in the last photo. Maybe our babes do have just a teensy bit of fun at school...?


Errr...little secret...it is the term time weekends that are lazy here at the Chez. In the holidays we have children around and have to pretend to be responsible adults.

Sew Create It - Jane

I can completely identify. It is bitter sweet getting back to routine...I love the lazy days of holidays and doing things on a whim.


oh, i so hear you on the school term stuff. it is hard, isnt it? i too long for those long days of free play for the children. we live nearly next door to my kid's school (pretty much) just so they can have extra time playing with the lego before having to leave in the morning.

UK lass in US

We just went away for the weekend and now I'm back I have the nagging feeling that I'm forgetting something. Hmm, there's a clean uniform to wear, there's stuff for their sandwiches... I think it's just paranoia caused by the switching of gears. Still, I'm trying to persuade myself not to wish for summer. When summer break is 12 / 13 weeks long, you end up looking forward to them going back to school by the end of it...


You just can't beat those long and lazy school holiday mornings. My two seem to have been really tired this past week. Roll on the summer holidays!


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