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14 April 2010


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little pink room

cute kimono! Thanks for the tip off on My Sewing Circle. I'll go and have a look now. I've been looking for something like this for a while. A x


Really lovely Kimono, I have that book, but have heard lots of not so good things, so havnt attempted anything yet.


That's adorable Ali -- looks perfect for either a boy or girl!


so sweet! i love that fabric...a wee boy or girl will look fab in it : ) i must admit i sold my weekend sewing back on amazon...was disappointed in it. i have a very similar vintage vest pattern which worked out nicely with clear instructions. i also remember a martha stewart kimono in one of the baby issues...i will try and find the link as it might have a download-able pattern. i'd be very happy to copy and post you my vintage one too : ) my attitude to sewing is that i learn by trial and error. i often find the instructions baffling and end up figuring my own way...trying to remember how i did it when i revisit a project is another matter! must make more notes to refer to as i go!! phew...and on that essay i shall now say cheerio and happy sewing to you ali! xX p.s. i noticed a new alabama stitch book recently...have you indulged??!


Oh, my sister has been yearning for a Ravelry for sewists! Wait 'til I tell her...

Love the fabric - I think it's appropriate for any and all genders.


What a smart kimono. It is so satisfying to make something sweet and speedy, isn't it. I've been hearing about My Sewing Circle too. I hope it takes off like Ravelry has.

UK lass in US

What a cute kimono. I've yet to try anything from that book, but here's the Martha version that Kelly mentioned: http://www.marthastewart.com/portal/site/mslo/menuitem.3a0656639de62ad593598e10d373a0a0/?vgnextoid=07a7c137bf22f010VgnVCM1000003d370a0aRCRD&autonomy_kw=Kimono&rsc=ns2006_m1

That was one of the first things that I ever attempted to sew (by hand - I didn't have a machine back then)

Right, I'm off to join that sewing circle thing...

Clare Mansell

I was looking at that pattern yesterday, I'm not sure if I feel more inspired to tackle it (beacuse of your results) or less (because of the problems with the pattern)


Oh the kimono is lovely!

Thank you for the heads up about the errata. And I'm definitely going to check out My Sewing Circle. Sounds like a brilliant resource. But if it's as addictive as Ravelry, I could be in real trouble!

And I have the original Martha kimono article (mentioned in one of the comments above) in my files if it would be at all useful...

K x

The Coffee Lady

Now that's what I call a baby garment.


That is utterly adorable. We have lots of bumps which need presents this summer, so really must get cracking! And thanks for the link - have bookmarked it. Some of those patterns do leave me cross-eyed. I have to read Amy Butler's at least three times before I finally get it! x


Thanks for the heads up on the Sewing Circle site - what a good idea - I have registered today, although it's going to a take a while to fully 'launch' myself, pix and all, I think.


Ah, I'm off to find you on my sewing circle then.

I've been perusing Weekend Sewing again, after buying little smocked tops for the girls this week. I know I can make better, cheaper. I think of that book as inspiration rather than instruction and then I'm not disappointed!


Gorgeous top - I have Weekend Sewing and haven't used any of its patterns yet, so it's useful to have your tip about it.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

The baby kimono is fabulous - and so is My Sewing Circle! Yet another way to waste all my time on the computer!!! Lucyx


Hi, Ali! I second, third, fifteenth the comments on Weekend Sewing: the pics are terrifically enticing, but the directions are weak and there are lots of mistakes. LOTS. Having spent a good chunk of change on the book, I am less than impressed. I wonder if a second edition will address any of those issues. . . .

BUT the top is adorable!


Yay for babies who provide a good excuse for sewing small and transient things. So much less pressure than the adult versions. Glad to see so many people excited by sewing circle!!


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