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06 March 2010


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little pink room

Nice words, from both you and Meg. I used to feel guilty when I went for months without using my sewing machine. I now realise that my need to 'make' comes in peaks and troughs and I have to go with the flow. I've found that blogging, taking photos, thinking about the look of my site sometimes is enough to sate the creative urge. I say go with what feels right for you and don't feel bad about it. I think your blog is as inspiring as it's always been, if not more, even though you feel you haven't made anything "tangible" for ages. A x


I think that's wonderful. Sometimes I start to squirm when I visit mommy-crafter blogs, because there's just so darn much making, making, making - it's frenzied, almost. Caffeinated, to be sure. And it's still all about the acquisition of stuff, even if it is lovingly made, non-assembly line stuff.

Okay, I'll stop inflicting my crankiness on your nice comment box...


That's lovely neckwear! I tend to make things when I get the creative urge when I am quite manic with my need to 'produce things'. Then I could go for months not making anything. I do try to be creative everyday though by organizing the things around me or coming up with a creative meal when I only have a few ingredients in the cupboard.


I agree with you (and her). So many of the craft blogs churn out products and focus so much on "stuff". While seemingly handmade is a more wholesome way to acquire objects, the end result is the same. More stuff and consumerism - just in a different form. How many hand sewn quilts does one really need? I agree with everything Lynn said above.
Your knitting is lovely, btw. Very pretty colors.


Excellent point Ali. I have been known to get in a production cycle of crafting for the sake of it sometimes. What I realise though is that it is often the process that I enjoy the most and the outcome is often irrelevant. However, seeing as I often use recycled materials I don't feel too bad about it!


Well said. And what fabulous colors! I love when a person isn't afraid of a little color. Nicely done.


this really resonates with me.
love your new necklace! (is that what you call it?)


At last, the words that say what's in my heart are not mine alone!

Besides,unless you're stocking an Etsy store, whatchagonna do with all that stuff you, you know, create?!


What great wisdom, Ali. I've often felt guilty about "not crafting" and now that I read Meg's words it all sinks in. I think my journey to make the world around me a little bit prettier is being creative.

Wonderful insight. Thanks for sharing!

UK lass in US

My problem is more that I have about 50 odd ideas for things that I want to make. Not because of a need to be creative - I just want the end product. That's a problem as I have taxes to prepare and a new pc to get up and running (the last one did kick the bucket in the end). I don't feel guilty because I'm not making things - I feel grouchy because I'm not making things.


Thanks for sharing the wisw words.
Love the colours you used for your necklace.
Lisa x


It is very elegant and reminds me a little of the necklaces some African tribal women wear. And what a perfect match for your jackettoo. Well done.


Wonderfully expressed by both of you. Already I'm feeling more creative. Love that pink!

janet clare

I agree with you about living 'creatively' -there is more to being creative than making things for sure.


I am not sure on the craft blog or pidgeon holing any blog. I read your blog because I want to and I want to see the content. You inspire me, as you will see when next Sunday we pay homage to your hungry catapiller book event for Maxi's 5th Birthday and surly that is what it is all about.


What beautiful colours - and wonderfully made. Real life does take over and other things come between what you'd like to do and what you'd better do but it will return again, and your sewing machine will face daylight once more!

Petit Filoux

Whatever works for you, I love your blog just how it is!


I too think that a lot of crafting/creating is consumerism in a different guise. That said, I do get cranky if I don't make something and in my world, cooking dinner definitely doesn't count!

After thinking about this at some length I have discovered that I need the creative outlet for my thoughts and feelings because when I make things it is a job satisfyingly completed. Everything else I do is a never-ending or never-finished job.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Even writing a blog is creative Ali! And I love your new make. Lucy x


what an excellent perspective. i'm going to think on that idea for a while. i often feel as though some crafty bloggers are just churning out the handmade items, one after another, like ten things to my one thing. but it's really just a form of consumption. interesting. thank you so much for sharing.

Alice C

What an inspiring thought for a Monday morning. It allows me to bring creativity into the office so that there is less of a stark divide between my creative life and my work life.


those words are sooo sooo true.

And well done for the 'scarf/necklace thingy'.

Shall we flip a coin for who wears their on Saturday?


I agree with your post and some of the comments above. I enjoy making things but it does seem like another kind of consumerism when you look at some craft-based blogs - how much stuff do we all need? And it can start to feel like a mad race to get more things made...I think creativity doesn't have to just mean making products, you can have creativity in all different aspects of your life, but I may be starting to sound like some old hippy now, so better go and put my son to bed! Enjoying your blog - it's new to me.


It's all so true - I felt wholly uncreative while I was up against it trying to make what I considered 'enough' for my craft table (where I sold nothing!), than when I am plodding along trying to fit some form of crafting in with everything else.


I've always said that I am an artist - but my work is not always visible.


Love your colorful pretty cowl!
And yes, I so agree with the every day aspect of creativity. One of my fav books is "Hidden Art", by Edith Schaeffer, which has given me encouragement and understanding of expressing creativity in daily life since I first read it as a young mother many years ago.


I really enjoyed reading Meg's comment, I get quite down because I don't seem to have much time to create but this has made me look at what I do do in a different light. Thank you.


I think sometimes you just have to let yourself off don't you. It's something I find hard to do but its a good feeling when I manage it! I've been trying to make about 6 different books at once for an upcoming exhibition and scrabbling round and getting stressed, so at the weekend (in a moment of clarity!) I decided to concentrate on just three, and I feel so much better now... I can focus on that and hopefully do better :)


That's a blessed relief for those of us who can't sew or knit and are still trying to find the time to learn, never mind create anything.

And I prefer to read blogs with a smattering of real life thrown in - otherwise I just feel so not worthy!


a raspberry delight! I have lost my knitting mojo but this might just be the way to get it back.


Good post - I agree, it's hard to find the time sometimes. When I'm too busy to start a long project I will often cook or bake. Then I have made something and my family can eat it!

The Coffee Lady

I keep coming back to this post. What a wonderful quote.


I have so many more ideas of things to make than I ever put into practice, which often makes me feel like I am doing nothing at all. I really like your quotation from Sew Liberated - and, for what it's worth, I see evidence of your everyday creativity all over your blog which always inspires me (I still intend to make those Timmy Time cakes one day!.


I'm just in love with all that pink! Thanks for the get well wishes. Hope you're ok! x


Very well said - both you and Meg! Creativity doesn't just have to be about the quantity of finished products. Taking time and enjoying doing smaller things can be just as rewarding.


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